04 January 2014

The 100

I just finished reading Nina Garcia's The 100 and I just had to write about it! 

It's 4 days into the New Year and I feel like a new woman. The book takes you through the top 100 items that every stylish woman should own- from the LBD to an iPod. Through it all, Nina emphasizes personal style and how each piece should be tailored to fit each individual closet. The information is fantastic, but I loved the quotes and bits of history one each piece as well. Which designer introduced the piece? Which year and House created the icon? And, who wore it best? 

At less than $15, I'm planning to purchase this in print sometime in the future (I read it on Oyster) to have as a reference guide for when to splurge, when to save, and when to look at my local vintage shop! For someone who loves fashion and is working to build her wardrobe with practical and stylish pieces, this was a great read that I'm sure I will go back to over and over again.

If you haven't read this book... or gotten the Oyster app, for that matter... 
I highly recommend both! 

Happy Reading & Shopping ;-)