15 January 2014

Decor, Decor

So, I've come across some very dangerous decor items/ ideas lately....

Not that I even have a house or apartment to decorate, but it's still so much fun to look and dream. For now, I pretty much incorporate every Tumblr and Pinterest decoration idea onto my itty bitty little desk here at school. It's a bit ridiculous, but it's my little space to make pretty. So what have I been seeing lately? 

Let's start with Folletts. Folletts is a bookstore here on campus that has pretty much everything. Books, yes. But they're the place to buy the really nice Nike gear, coffee mugs, the fun stuff. But, there's also a Lilly/ Vera Bradley area that is oh-so dangerous. This past week I've made my fair amount of trips to Folletts, and guess what I found? The Kate Spade office collection. And yes, my roommate, K, and I fell in love. We didn't buy anything since we were already dropping hundreds on textbooks (ugh don't get me started!), but we sure did look and squeal at the cuteness of it all! 

Okay I know that the collection has been out a while so this is old news, but seeing it in person is so much better than looking at pictures online! The binder clips and push pins make me want to completely re-vamp my organization method for this semester (but I won't because I'm not crazy), but that won't happen. The post-it's though... I use post-its like a madwoman so these actually may be justifiable. I'll save it for when I need something really cute to pick me up :-)

I talked about housing for next year, and just in time Lilly has restocked their Garnet Hill collection. Can you say perfect? I'm in love with my comforter right now, but it's almost impossible to turn these down! The First Impressions print is basically the embodiment of me, so I might have to splurge this summer and bring it back to school with me... because really, how cute is it?

As far as decoration inspiration goes, I'm loving all things pink, gold/ sparkly, and white or lucite right now. It's such a happy, fresh color scheme. Anywhere from bright to a blush pink is gorgeous paired with gold! If you follow my Pinterest boards, you've probably noticed this trend. If you don't, I am here to grace you with a few of my favorites:

are you a fan of the combo yet? ;-)