12 January 2014

"Be Like Snow"

"Be like snow: beautiful and cold"

I ran across this quote during the snow storm and my initial reaction was to laugh. I almost posted it, but then I stopped for a second. I thought about just what exactly that's saying-

to be fun to look at but unapproachable, to cause others discomfort

- and I decided against using this quote to represent myself. It's true that I like to joke about being cold-hearted. I joke that I've been taken so advantage of that there's no warmth or love left. But it's just that: a joke! And underneath each joke is a bit of truth, yes. I have been taken advantage of and I do a good job at blocking people out of my life. But that's not something I'm proud of or something that I enjoy.

In fact, it's a huge problem and is exactly why I've been working on being vulnerable and out of my comfort zone. If I look a bit deeper at that quote... the fact that I even thought about labeling myself as something that I absolutely hate is embarrassing. It's obvious that I'm not a huge fan of snow or the cold, so why would I want to be something that I despise?

And the more I thought about this whole crazy ordeal that isn't really an ordeal... But it is... I realized how often I might post or reblog or pin something that is humorous but isn't a great representation of myself. If an audience saw this on my profile or blog (and I was serious about it), why would anyone want to talk to me? Why would anyone want to read anything written by someone whose goal is to be cold, unapproachable? I don't know, but I'm glad I thought about it before I posted it... and I will continue to think about this on social media and in life.

Because, I'd rather give off a persona like the ocean:

powerful and warm