20 January 2014

Getting into Routine

With the start of classes and spring semester, I can only sum life up in two words: organized chaos.

Yes, this is a contradiction but it's a very accurate contradiction. My schedule is completely different from last semester- I start later and get out earlier, but I don't have as many breaks in my day. I'm trying to add a few clubs and gym time into my schedule, while establishing a routine blogging schedule as well. I'm taking fewer hours of class and supplementing with many more hours of campus involvement. My classes that I am taking are much more challenging and time-consuming than last semester... and it's only week two!

Because of the anticipated chaos of this semester (my planner is already overwhelming and I don't even have assignments written down yet), I'm not sure what exactly is going to happen to this blog. Of course, I will work to establish a schedule so that anyone reading will know days/times to look for new posts- I'm thinking Mon-Fri will be regular new posts with Saturday & Sunday posts if I'm really feeling the need. Additionally, I'm thinking about making posts that basically walk you through life and what's going on here at Purdue and in my activities... a look into my day or week. Of course, you can expect me to write about the usual Fashion Week favorites, Spring Break prep, etc. with a few more YouTube videos thrown in, too!

Who knows what this semester has in store for me. I'm still trying to figure out this whole college thing: class, extracurriculars, boys, profs. It's all jumbled at this point in time, but hopefully I'll be able to continue chipping away at the brick surrounding the woman that I want to be, while forming a niche both on campus and in the giant worldwide web!

I want to thank you for your support and for even opening up my blog to read! I'm hoping to survive this chaos and get back on track soon, so thank you for being patient as I figure this semester out!