21 January 2014

Reasons to Love Winter... A Reminder

I am so over the cold already...

which is unsettling, since it's only January 21 and I have a good 2-3 more months of cooler, winter-like temperatures. That's 2-3 more months of socks, boots, sweaters, and wishing for the beach. Of course, in true Sarah fashion I decided that the best way to talk myself out of hating the winter is to make a "Pros" list. No cons. Only the good- a list of all that I love about the winter. 

The more I thought about the list, the more I realized that winter isn't that bad. Yes, having to wear a million layers is annoying and getting out of bed is the hardest thing I have to do each day. I just need to remember that this cold won't last forever. Some day, I hope to live someplace where it's warmer than Indiana... but as long as I'm stuck here I'll make the best of it!

What are your favorite aspects of the colder months?