31 July 2013

Top 5: July 2013

It's crazy to think that, if I had't graduated last year, my summer would be over today.
July 31? That's insane! 

In the spirit of my summer not ending, here's my top 5 favorite aspects of July 2013

1. Traveling
I've been everywhere from a caribbean cruise to Tennessee to Cincinnati over the last month. I've had less than two weeks were I've actually been home. The thing is, I love living out of a suitcase! I think hotel beds are so comfortable. And I love exploring new places by going on runs. If I could make an income by traveling the world, I would do it in a heartbeat! What's even more fun is that now my friends and I are to the age where we're planning our own vacations and getaways! So fun!

2. Preparing for College
I've had lists a mile long and books full of coupons. Shopping for college has been something that I've looked forward to all summer. But, now that I'm in the midst of it, it's stressful! What if I don't get everything? Do I actually need some of this stuff? So many thoughts go through my head and I've been  a little on-edge lately. One of the weirdest things was coming "home" from vacation and packing up my childhood room. I came to the realization that this will be my temporary home.. kinda weird. 

3. Grey's Anatomy!
My mom and I started watching Grey's and we immediately fell in love! It's kindof a problem because we choose to watch tv rather than be outside... but we justify it because we won't be able to watch together when I'm gone. So I guess that makes it okay? :)

4. Reading
Is this anything new? But seriously, I've flown through 4 books already in just this month! I think it was all of the traveling time and just relaxing time that I've had. I'm nowhere close to catching up with my to-read list, but I'm loving every minute of getting consumed by the stories I'm reading. I'm currently reading Girls in White Dresses as part of the Lauren Conrad book club. But I've got a stack of books to take up to school with me and I just can't seem to stop ordering them on Amazon. I might have a problem.

5. Friends
I have spent more time with my friends these past few weeks than the whole rest of the summer combined, I think. Lots of bonfires and pool days, throw in some lunch or dinner dates and you basically have my past two weeks down. I know that people always say that keeping your high school friends is rare, but I can't imagine life without these kids. They're my rock. My foundation. Whether we beat the odds or not, I'm going to take full advantage of this time with them. 

I guess the common theme here is that I'm getting anxious for college. I'm so excited, but the changes and sad parts of moving away are starting to become more and more apparent. 

It's scary, but here's to a month of change!

28 July 2013

Thrifting Find

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm just not good at finding stuff at thrift stores.

I think it takes a talent that I just do not possess... at all. Seriously. Even T.J. Maxx. I just get nothin. The other day I was with LEM and she dragged me into this tiny little thrift shop by her apartment. I was not happy. But, then I found this

sorry about the bad quality... webcam in a dark room. 


A vintage Dooney & Bourke
for $30. I died, checked if it was real, then died again.

It's not much, but it was my first awesome thrift find! I'm so upset that it's not very summery, but it'll be perfect for fall.

I can't wait! 

27 July 2013

Style Obsession: Jewelry

Jewelry is the cherry on top of the outfit.
It is also the part of the outfit that I struggle with the most. I guess it's because I'm very simple with my entire "look" and I worry that jewelry will take away from the overall image that I'm going for. Just recently I've realized that jewelry doesn't have to be a distractor- it can be the element that completes a look.

I've talked before about my Marc by Marc Jacobs watch that I love oh-so much. That with my Tiffany bracelet from my mom and some fun, colorful bracelets is usually enough for my arms. What I'm really branching out on is the use of necklaces. 
J. Crew Tortoise Shell Necklace

Bauble Bar Anchor Necklace

I am 100% a love of gold and browns, which explains my attraction to these two options. I'm still not a huge fan of bulky statement pieces on me, but I find them beautiful and I hope that I can one day pull them off! But, if I'm not quite sure what to wear as a necklace, 

I know that a girl can't go wrong with pearls.

25 July 2013

No Impact Man

So Purdue assigned all incoming freshmen with a common reading assignment.
It wasn't a huge deal to me because... I love reading! Of course, I wasn't able to pick the book and it certainly wasn't a book that I'd pick up on my own. But it was a quick, interesting read that caught my attention once I got into it.

The cover says it all, but the book chronicled the year that Colin Beavan and his family spent making as little impact on the planet. Infamously, the stop using toilet paper... among other things. I'm not exactly a "save the world" advocate, but the book did bring up some interesting points about just how much energy is used by Americans versus the rest of the world.

Naturally, our assignment was not only to read the book, but to answer a few questions too. Nothing too involved- what questions do you have? how did Colin's story get you thinking? etc. etc. All this environmental stuff got me thinking of ways in which we can lessen our impact on the world while improving quality of life (an idea that Colin hones in on for most of the book).

1. The introduction of public transportation to more American cities.
Colin mentions this briefly, but I think that it has a huge impact on the lives of Americans. As a commuter nation, people spend so many hours in their car- away from human interaction. Public transportation not only acts as a massive carpool, it gets people together. It gets communities talking and cuts down on traffic. On top of that, public transportation is moving to electricity. Still not exactly "Zero Impact", but it does lessen the carbon footprint per person.

2. Disposable Items
Colin mentions this almost every other sentence. From toilet paper to plastic bags to cars, our world is disposable. It's meant to be so that people stay in business. When things break, we buy more of it. So why would the industry try to make things that last? Regardless of this, there are small ways to make an impact. Number one on my list is to always use reusable cups when I get coffee. Not only is it a lot cuter, but I'm not making trash. I still am not sure what to do about cars and toilet paper, but reusable bags are much cuter than plastic ones, too.

Now I'm not some environmental freak who's out to condemn you. I'd have to seriously condemn myself, first. I'm just observing my thoughts that were brought up by an extreme experiment. And while I don't plan to go no impact, there are small ways to make less of an impact on the world and more of an impact on my peers and community.

and that's what I'm striving for.

24 July 2013

Wish List Wednesday

I love Wednesdays.

They're the halfway point of the week;
the point at which I can breathe. 
They're also the wonderful day where I get to organize what's currently on my never ending wish list.

The week where I can't post a wish list, because I don't have one, is the week that I've possibly reached sanity. But until then...

this bike. I saw it at my local C. Wonder and just died a little bit inside. Firstly, it took me back to the coolest place I've ever been- Amsterdam. Then I just thought about how fun it'd be to have at Purdue... until someone stole it or something. And then my heart broke: I looked at the price tag. I mean it's not out-of-this-world crazy expensive, but it's not so little that I can buy it and not worry that I might only ride it once before someone at school steals it. So I left the store, and decided to think about it. Five days later, it's still on my mind.

The J. Crew excursion vest. I've been coveting this vest since I saw it on Pinterest in around February. I know, a little bit late. But I love it so much and can't wait to see the colors and options for this Fall/Winter. You best believe that I will have 1... or all... of these.

This shirt is just so much fun! It costs about as much as the bike does... so not cheap. But c'mon! It's Burberry! And so fun. If I splurge on anything, it'll probably be this shirt. I've been in love with it since Burberry sent out their fall preview e-mail. It's wish list worthy- definitely!

A shorter list this week, but it's definitely a pricier week.
Oh well- a girl can dream can't she?

23 July 2013

See [Sarah] Work

My love of office supplies is a little obsessive... 
and weird. I don't know why I love it so much. I just do. As I've been school shopping, I find it easiest to look online at different office supply stores to find where I can get the best deals (I feel like my mom already). As I was looking, I found this adorable website where I just want to buy everything.

See Jane Work is an awesome online office supply store. 
I'm probably behind the curve here and everyone but me has known about this shop for forever. You can shop by office design or by category, and everything is so stinking cute! I think of it as the girly Office Depot. More than anything, I find looking through this site a huge form of inspiration when it comes to organization and desk shopping. 

In my mind, a fun, organized desk is a happy desk

22 July 2013

Baby Wales!

The news has broken: Baby Wales is on his or her way

This may be a huge deal to you (as it is with me) or it may not matter a single bit. One thing is sure-

if he is a boy, 16 years from now there will be one very eligible bachelor


if she is a girl, she will surely become just as much of a style icon as her mother.

The baby watch is on!

Summer Concerts

Summer means late nights, hot weather, and... concerts

I've definitely topped any record that any summer has held for number of concerts. In fact, my first night of the summer was spent at a concert, and I've kept the tradition. They're such a fun way to be with friends and hear great music! I'm not really picky on concert music or ticket price. In fact, I've spent every concert, but one, this summer on the lawn. There's more room and you can bring food, walk around, and inevitably meet people! Not to mention they're the cheapest option...

My concert list has ranged from country to pop to rock... and I think I might hit 10 concerts before the summer is over. Here's a re-cap of some of my concert pictures

I do struggle a bit with the fact that I work to buy tickets to see bands who work as entertainers. But, at the same time, I love music and find well-written music to be one of the greatest works of art. 

It wouldn't be summer without some concerts!

21 July 2013

Curse You, Forgetfulness!

I'm a list-maker, yes. 

But, one thing that I haven't quite gotten used to doing is to write down every good idea I have. It's so frustrating because I know that I had this thought, but I can't remember what it was. Not only that, but I think of myself of the least creative person ever. What's the cure for that? Oh right, taking advantage of the random creative spurts that I do have. 

So, for all things note- and reminder-related, I will now use Evernote. I've heard great things about the app for school and organization. I'm lost on how to use it up to this point, but I'll do the nerdy thing and read up on the program. I already like that anything I put on my iPhone will sync with my laptop... Not only for the blog but also school and life, I'm hoping that this will be a game-changer for my fear of note-taking on my thoughts. 

...Even though I'm not huge on change

Access this beginner guide here

18 July 2013

Net(Working) Girl

I've officially grown up: I just made a LinkedIn profile

I knew that I'd be making a profile sooner or later, with job fairs and connections becoming a huge part of these next years at school. I didn't think I'd be making one this early on, though; a sequence of events pushed me to just go for it! I don't quite have it all figured out yet, but I'm excited to network with companies and people that I meet. 

And who knows the connections I'll make? One girl, who is also a freshman at Purdue, shared a story of meeting two Disney Imagineers who offered her a job/ internship next summer based on her maturity. They connected on LinkedIn and now she already has a job set up before her first college class. LinkedIn is really the largest form of networking and is so beneficial in the world of work as well as college.

So, now that I feel like an old, working woman, I'm also excited for this growing up!
Here's to college, life on my own, learning, loving, and experiencing everything I possibly can..

17 July 2013

Wishlist Wednesday

Another look at something I'm lusting over...

I'm a huge fan of Nike products, but I've been looking for some fun summer-fall transition shoes. I obviously don't need boots yet, but wearing sandals won't always be practical. 

I've found these super cute New Balance sneakers and am so in love!

I can't quite decide on this color or a navy and green. I also can't decide if I'll actually wear them...
so these will probably be on my wishlist for a while.

Oh well, I'll keep dreaming!

16 July 2013

My Middle School Dream

The Jonas Brothers are back

...and sexier than ever.

Whether you liked them back in middle school (like myself), or you were never a fan, give this video a watch. They've obviously grown from their innocent personas into full blown men.
*insert heart-eyed emoji here*

No wonder they don't wear their purity rings anymore...

15 July 2013

Fit Girl Food Obsession

I am home from vacation, and my hiatus is officially over!

Naturally, vacation always inspires me to try new foods. And I've come back loving:


Now, avocados aren't a "new" food to me. I've loved guacamole for a while and I enjoy avocado on my hamburgers, salads, etc. But, now my love of avocados has reached a whole new level. I've been home for two days and I've emptied my family's store of avocados. Luckily, avocados are one of the best foods one can eat. They're high in calories, so I've got to be careful. But, they're just so refreshing and yummy!

Try my new avocado breakfast favorite: two eggs fried how you like with half an avocado, add salt, pepper, seasoning to your liking

What foods are you loving this summer?

10 July 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: College Attire Edition

The most fun wishlist has finally arrived!

The clothes :) My style has definitely developed this past year and shopping is going to be so much fun! Especially since I'm a college student and have an ID now, my money will go a little farther and I have a little more than usual to spend :)

I've spent the last couple of months building up my wardrobe to prepare for whatever I may need while at college, but there's always room for more (regardless of the dimensions of the dorm closets!)

1. ballet flats (TB Revas?)
2. Nice jeans/ pants
3. chambray, button-up, popover tops
4. sweaters
5. 1/4 and 1/2 zips
6. cardigans
7. cute, supportive shoes (keds- type?)

oh, and basically this whole outfit

What are your back-to-school clothing essentials?!

09 July 2013

Inspiring Women: Sarah Vickers

Sarah Vickers. SarahKJP. However you know her, I know you love her.

I'm always looking for outfit inspiration on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, the usual. The person I keep coming back to, though, is Sarah. She's so effortlessly preppy and stylish. She's the type of girl who was probably really poplar in school because she just gives off that "cool girl" vibe. Yet I feel as if she's relatable and down-to-earth... although I've never met her....

Regardless, she supplies me with inspiration on an almost daily basis. Here are a few of my favorites:

Is she not the cutest?

08 July 2013

Around the World: Paris

In spirit of my recent travels, I figured it's appropriate to capture one of my favorite places to travel to.

The one. The only. Paris.

I've been fortunate enough to vacation in Paris twice in my life. Most recently was October of 2012 as part of my 18th birthday present. It was the first time I was able to see the city with my family and it was fantastic. Of course, we explored Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Champs-Elysees. But that wasn't all. We took to the city by foot and metro- like the locals. We explored old churches and buildings, went to cafe's and ate baguettes like the locals. We didn't stay in a hotel, but rented an apartment. My dad and I spoke with the locals and, let me tell you, my French was pretty phenomenal by the end of the time there. I wasn't a huge fan of Paris after my first time there, but this trip left me with a different impression.

Just thinking about it gives me Wanderlust. 

07 July 2013

Girl Power Music!

Sometimes All the TIME(!) I need a little push to feel empowered...

Lately, I've used Demi Lovato's most recent album to seriously feel powerful, womanly, and just awesome! She's such an inspiring girl and the way that she fills her music with emotion really helps me connect to it. After listening to her music, I feel as if I could go out and find the first cute guy and ask him out... which would never happen on a normal day.

listen. then go out and do something crazy!

05 July 2013

25 Random Facts

One of my most watched YouTube subscriptions, Sarah belle, recently did a 50 random facts video.
I thought that it seemed kinda fun, but since I don't do videos...

here we go!
and I shortened it to only 25 facts because I'm not that interesting.......

1. I was born and raised in the suburbs
2. My Meyers Briggs Type is ISTJ

3. I tend to gravitate towards Navy and hot pinks when I shop
4. I hardly ever wear eyeshadow
5. I have a HUGE sweet-tooth and my biggest weakness is ice cream :)
6. I love to read
7. If I could live any other life, it'd be the life of Blair Waldorf
8. I have always loved dogs and got my dog for my 10th birthday (and we share a birthday- October 11)
9. I've never been a hug fan of jewelry, but I love my Marc Jacobs watch
10. The last time I got stung, it was 4 wasps at the same time. They got tangled in my hair while I was laying out- I will never lay out with my hair down again.
11. I love sweet tea, but I have to limit my intake......
12. I was in a building that got hit by a tornado, but I still love storms!
13. Sometimes I'll spend money like it grows on trees but other times I've got to really think about spending any money
14. My last relationship was 3 years ago. I've been very single since then.
15. I love my parents and family
16. I am one of 10+ family members who went to Purdue
17. I don't really believe in luck, but I do believe in destiny
18. I am very very organized with all aspects of my life
19. My strictest budget is for Starbucks.....
20. I'd much rather speak in person than texting or on the phone
21. I love running and working out, especially at night
22. If I could buy only bags the rest of my life, I probably would
23. I really love Italian food- like a lot.
24. I love to travel and hope to make it to every continent before I'm 30
25. I use a seasoning called "Slap Yo Momma" on just about all of my food

04 July 2013

Happy 4th!

I hope you all are enjoying celebrating the 4th of July!

If no other day, today is when you must bleed red, white, and blue!

03 July 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: College Bath Edition

Continuing my dorm wishlist series, here are a few things that I need to get for my hygienic needs:

1. shower caddy

2. loofah

3. shower shoes

4. towel racks

5. jewelry storage/ display

6. magnetic makeup holder (DIY)

Here are the things I need to remember to pack that I already have:
1. robe
2. blow dryer
3. curling and flat iron
4. jewelry
5. makeup
6. hair supplies
7. face washes
8. shampoo and body soaps
9. perfume
10. mirror

Does anything jump out that I'm missing?

01 July 2013

Expanding My Vocabulary

I like to think that the way I speak is more sophisticated than the average 18 year old...

But then I hear myself and have to count how many times I say the dreaded "like" or "um". Sometimes I se words i the wrong way or I overuse "very". We all have our own style when it comes to speaking and writing. I don't think that my word choice is overly childish, but there's always room to grow up and improve. I came across this on tumblr and have enjoyed trying to fit these words into my daily speech...

isn't that dandy?