09 December 2014

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn keeps popping up in my life recently, which is so random but I'm certainly not complaining! When I was home for Thanksgiving, we made a few trips to the mall and so my mom and I took some time to get lost walk around. Furniture stores used to be forms of punishment at the mall so it's so funny to me that I could probably spend an hour in one section now. I guess that's the price of growing up...

If nothing else, I like to just look at the displays. I'm fascinated with presentation of furniture and odds and ends, just because I don't think I could really "stage" anything very well. I'll stop rambling now and just share the pictures I took that make me want to just move into the showroom.

are the notebooks and coffee table books included?

I said that PB has been popping up in my life and that's no joke! When I came back to school, I overheard a couple girls talking about Pinterest and how they love following Pottery Barn. Okay, so 1) why I have yet to follow PB (I now follow them and you should too!) and 2) I don't have the adequate time needed to look at every. single. pin. So that will be a winter break task, I suppose. I seriously feel like a 30 year old woman when I walk through these stores and think about furnishing a house, but a girl's gotta dream! 
Side note, I didn't take this picture but don't you just want every single one of these blankets? Yeah, me too!