31 August 2013

Top 5: August 2013

It's crazy to think that today is the final day of August! 
I've been looking forward to this month of change for so long. College, new friends, new habits, so much has happened this month. It's all for the better, though. I think I've adjusted to independence and college life well! Recruitment is going great (bid night is Tuesday! eeee!), my roommate and I are a perfect match, I haven't ruined any laundry, and I've stayed on top of my studies. Not easy at all, but all this change has led to some favorites that I'd never expect to love. 

Let's re-cap my favorites of this month:


5. Mio Energy
This stuff has been my life saver! I've been trying to drink more water, but just plain water doesn't do for me what coffee or tea does- I still drink both in my dorm room. When I'm out on campus, these mio bottles are really easy to carry around and add to my drinks. They make water a little more tasty, and I don't feel like I want to go to Starbucks when I have Peach Tea water. Yum!

via Instagram
4. Reading.
Okay I know I've said that I love to read before and you're probably thinking that this can't be a new favorite of mine. But, trust me, I've come to appreciate my books so much more these past weeks. They are the ultimate "unwind" material. They give me a break from the textbooks without feeling guilty, and I'm loving branching out and reading all different kinds of books.

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3. Campus!
Purdue is seriously like a little town of it's own. Actually, it is. West Lafayette isn't really a very hoppin place if school isn't in session. It's definitely a college town.. but it feels like it's own little city. There are tall buildings, housing options, restaurants- the normal stuff you'd see on college campuses around the world. But then there's the Purdue stuff that makes it a little different. Because we have an Aeronautical Engineering major, we have our own Airport! We have no less than 5 beautiful fountains. And, my personal favorite, all of the malls around! Not the shopping kind, but the green, grassy, park-like malls. I love to sit under and tree and just imagine that I'm in Central Park.

2. Twitter

 As you may have noticed, this blog now has an anonymous and official "PurduePrep" writer. Well, along with that, there's a twitter. PurduePrep is no longer only on the internet. Keep up with my preppy life wherever you are by following @PurduePrep!

1. New Friends
Okay so I'm not the most... outgoing person. I'm not shy, but I'm an introvert. I enjoy time alone and don't really mind that I don't constantly have people around me. Usually. But, since I've moved to school, I've been trying to embrace the abundance of people. There are always kids to study with, workout with, go to the bookstore with, or just to sit with. The girls on my floor are awesome. My professors are approachable- I even went to lunch with one this past week! Recruitment has introduced me to new people and lots of girls, something I lacked at home.

College so far has been treating me well. While I'm sad to see summer go, having August over with allows me to breathe a sigh of relief. I made it through my first 3 weeks at school and I have so much to look forward to in September-

football, going home, and the coming of the best season!

30 August 2013

Recruitment Wear

Being a college freshman, and a prep, recruitment time is the best time. 

Rushing a sorority has been one of the things that just goes with the idea of college. As a little girl at football games, I couldn't wait to be one of the pretty girls hanging out with the well-dressed guys at the tailgates. My mom used to take me to her house every time we visited Purdue. I'd meet the girls, and more often than not, some of my mom's pledge class women. 
Greek Life and college go hand-in-hand.

Recruitment is hard. That's nothing new. 
It's intense speed dating that your entire college career depends on. Sounds serious, but it's absolutely the truth. The house you pick as a freshman is yours for life. The sisters in your pledge class are the ones you'll be making the majority of your memories with. You'll be living, eating, breathing with these girls. And, at least here at Purdue, you only have a week and a half to figure out which chapter is for you.


For me, I've been trying to be as relaxed as absolutely possible. That means that I plan out my outfits and hairstyles ahead of time. Being the listmaker that I am, I've prepared questions to ask and little tidbits about myself that are easy to forget... number one being that I'm a lifestyle and fashion blogger! (seriously, when you're focused on school activities and classes, it's easy to forget the parts of your life that aren't the most visible on campus) I know that recruitment gets more pressuring as you go farther South- the one thing I like about being more North- so these outfit ideas may or may not work for your personal rushing specifications.

1st Invitational

Every school does things differently. Here at Purdue, the first invitational is split up between Friday night and Saturday. The fact that they jam-packed the first two weekends of school is a bit stressful, but I can appreciate the fact that we'll have bids and everything before the first round of exams happen. 

Dress-wise, this is a very casual round. Looking cute is necessary, but it's important to also be comfortable. They're long days with lots of walking and- quite literally- sitting pretty. Tonight, I'm planning on a maxi dress. Something that is classy but comfortable. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the nineties, so a cool sundress is my go-to. For both, I'll probably be wearing my Jacks or flats of some sort.

2nd Invitational
Here is where we start to get down to business. At this point, it's pretty obvious who wants you and who doesn't... hopefully it's the same houses that you want! It's essential to dress to really impress. You want to look polished and show that you can clean up and look professional, but still cute! I'm planning on wearing a basic Lilly Shift. Nothing to standoff-ish, but enough to impress the girls who recognize it. To everyone else, I'll simply be wearing a really cool dress. To the Lilly lovers, they'll just get it. Another point is to wear a dress that really shows who you are. Let it express your fashion taste! In a house full of girls, fashion is important (or maybe not? you'll find out!). 

Since I'll be visiting fewer houses on Sunday, I'm planning to also wear my Lilly McKim wedges. They're extremely comfortable and dress up my outfit a little bit.

Pref Day
If there wasn't any pressure up to this point, there is now. As calm and collected as I've been through the recruitment process thus far, I know that Monday I'll be a nervous mess. Hopefully I can channel the nerves and jitters into excitement and personality. And, if not, hopefully my top houses at this point will understand my nervousness. 

This day is the day that you pull out all the stops. Wear your best cocktail dress and some heels. Side note- make sure none of your clothing is brand new. Imagine walking to houses in heels that need breaking in or a dress that itches... test it all out and make sure that you'll be able to rock the dress! I'm planning to wear my Lilly dress that I wore for graduation. Luckily, Rush was early enough that I am able to still wear my summer dresses. 

If you don't have a dress in mind, I'd again suggest one that you feel comfortable in and that just boosts your confidence. Wear a dress that you love and that loves you! Bright colors are great for this day, as most sororities embrace color all year round. Something stylish- peplums are great for all seasons and are timeless, but so in style right now.

Whatever your plans are when it comes to sorority recruitment and college, I hope you are able to do what you love! It's a lot of work, but it'll all be worth it in the end. 

Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

here's a little humor... that isn't really funny because it's actually so true.

29 August 2013

Bring Back "the City"

Obviously, I love to write about fashion and love and all that girly stuff. That naturally means that I'm in love with Carrie Bradshaw... which I don't and never will deny. I've just begun re-watching Sex in the City since I've been to college. And I've fallen in love all over again. 

Then he greatest thing happened.

My school newspaper, The Exponent decided to begin hiring. 
I freaked out, okay? I'm not sure if I'm of the writing caliber of anyone on the newspaper staff. I don't know if they need the type of writer that I'd be. All I know is that I think it'd be a fantastic time. Callouts are tonight... and the worst that can happen is that they don't want me.

Did I mention it's a paid job?!

28 August 2013

In A Perfect World...

I've said it before and I'll say it again
I'm a dreamer.

I like to look at Pinterest and Tumblr and blogs and imagine my life in the footsteps of others. I've gotten past the "wanting to be her" mentality and more towards the "that'd be really cool to love life and live that way," which I think is healthier. But, when life starts to stress me out I like to live vicariously through others for a minute. 

I thought it'd be fun to gather up some of my favorite re-pinned pictures and make a little
"in Sarah's perfect world" story

So here's me. In my perfect world I'd be classy and graceful like Kate Middleton. I'd have a beautiful ring and a rockin' bod. I'd be able to take fashion risks and be confident even in the public eye.

I'd be married to a super hot guy. Chuck Bass, anyone? He'd dress classy and fratty at all times. And each morning we'd wake up snuggled up with our dog and not a care in the world. 

Our home. It'd have beautiful curb appeal.. worthy of random people taking its picture. I'd have a waterfront view and the city in the distance. I'd be able to walk to work on the quiet city streets as the sun rises. There'd never be any traffic and I'd never be running late or in a hurry. Just city city streets, a coffee to go, and my thoughts. 

And we'd vacation all over the world! To some of my favorite places- Paris, Amsterdam, the beach. Any holiday we'd take would be spectacular.

... and end fairy tale. 
It's fun to daydream a little bit. And, as perfect as that sounds, I couldn't live in a world that perfect.

But it's fun to dream.
& the pictures are fabulous!

27 August 2013

Fall Fashion Favorites

...anyone who said I wasn't good at alliteration is lying :)

Anyways, regardless of how anti-fall the weather has been lately, I think that everyone is ready for fall. From the colorful trees to the crisp air to the football. I love hot apple cider and going to the apple orchard. I love that my birthday is in October. I love Thanksgiving and bonfires and scarves. 
I love everything about fall, really. 
I think that Indiana is it's prettiest in the fall. I think that fashion is at it's peak in fall. I seriously can't wait to bring out my Burberry scarves and my riding boots. I love wearing dresses with tights and booties. I could go on and on about what makes me excited for fall. But, being the girl that I am- the fashion stands out. Designers love fall. The colors are so much fun and I think that everyone can make a fashionable, classy fall wardrobe no matter what their budget. 

I've thrown together all of my favorite designer looks this fall and put them into one huge collage-
inspiration for you and me!

Get Dressed Up!
- PurduePrep

26 August 2013

Current Playlist

I've always been a pretty laid-back person when it comes to music. 

I don't really hate anything, but I love country!
I'm a fan of easy listening music, like Coldplay, OneRepublic, the Script. 

I think college has corrupted me, though. My typical go-to music isn't really what's blasting around campus on the average night. I have a respect for the frats that rock Wagon Wheel, and even some Miranda Lambert! But, on any given night, the club tunes are what I can hear most prominently, and that's definitely had an impact on the music I tend to choose on my own. My recent iTunes purchases will vouch for that...

Here are a few of my favorite, college-worthy tunes:
1. I Hate College by Sam Adams
2. Wake Me Up- Avicii
3. Boomerang- The Summer Set
4. Roar- Katy Perry
5. Chloe- Emblem3
6. Holy Grail- Jay Z
7. Hold On, We're Going Home- Drake
8. Applause- Lady Gaga

My top-played college track is definitely I Hate College. It's an old song, I am aware. But it's so catchy. Yes, manly and crazy. But so much fun! The guys go crazy when this song comes on, making the nights just that much more fun.

Good music = Good times

23 August 2013

Back to School: Class Organization

I guess I'll join the ranks of bloggers who help give tips on how to stay organized and study. 
I'll be the first to admit that I'm not very consistent from year-to-year when it comes to my organization and study styles... it's an ever changing system that evolves along with my changing habits and needs. Also, I recognize that everyone has to do what works for them! Trust me. I used every resource available to see how others organize for college and then I condensed the best ideas I could find into what has been a pretty organized classroom style.

You can love or hate my way of doing things, I just want to be a resource to those who may be in my same position and not know where to start.

The number one most important place to start is with an agenda. I don't care if you use one from Kate Spade, Target, or your school (Purdue always has a "mortarboard"). As the typical preppy girl that I am, I chose a Lilly Pulitzer planner... or at least for my "social planner". It's my own little label for it, and it doesn't really mean anything other than I don't put every little bit of homework in it. I use this planner for clubs and activities on campus as well as marking when I have exams and big assignments due. It helps me to get a visual picture of everything that's going on as well as any reminders that I need to make sure I look at over and over. I chose the large agenda, which is the perfect size to hold everything but also isn't a huge deal to take everywhere with me.

My assignments, on the other hand, are all logged in my MayBook. It's all cutesy with my monogram and all that, but it's my bible. I write down any reading, homework, or studying I need to do. I jot reminders to myself in it and use it simultaneously as a check-list and assignment book. It's so nice to be able to physically check assignments off and to have a visual picture of all that I need to get done for the day. So far, it's been instrumental in keeping my stress level low and my productivity high. 

When it comes to actual studying and assignments, I'm very very articulate. Please bear with me as I explain this whole process... or don't. If it doesn't seem like it'll work for you, you certainly don't need to use it. My labeling and process is a bit OCD but it works, so I have no interest in changing it.

1. My Binder and Notebooks
As you could see in the initial picture, I have a master binder. It holds all syllabi and notes that I need for class. In addition, a lot of textbooks are being created without binding, which was a bit annoying at first but now I love it! I'm able to carry around only the chapters/pages that we're focused on at the moment for easy reference at any time. I keep all of my classes in this one binder and I take it with me everywhere I go. I have a second binder for if I feel the need to separate to a MWF and TTH binder, but the single one works great as of now. I do have separate notebooks, which I use to take notes in class. I have two three-subject notebooks that I take with me on their respective days.

2. Evernote
Evernote was a bit tricky to figure out, but it's been a beautiful relationship between me and Evernote since school has begun. Here's how I use it: Any reading assignments that I have, I read and outline in this App. I use it as reference for homework assignments and any reviewing of concepts, which I do on my phone before class- It's awesome that Evernote syncs to all of my devices! In lecture, I'll take notes and relate back to my personal notes. I write down any questions and then go to the book and my notes for answers. So far, I've been able to answer all of my questions through this method. Then, I add my in-class notes and questions/answers into the Evernote notes. Wa-la! I have a complete outline and notes for any topic we've covered and they're all conveniently accessible on any device.

3. Homework
Homework is always done on legal pad paper. Since most of my homework is actually done and turned in online, any questions that arise during homework or any points that I want to make a note of, I write on the legal pad. The paper stands out in my binder and notes so that I can easily find any questions once I'm with my professor. The questions and notes here and notes taken after I've read and outlined, so these are usually more specific questions or more specific questions that weren't really "outline" material. These questions are usually the most important, because they require abstract thoughts and material application that is instrumental in mastery. Having it on bright paper also makes my brain take special note of what I'm writing there and it works to subconsciously work out the questions (I know it sounds crazy, but no kidding! It's scientifically proven. And just earlier this week I wrote down a question during the day and as I was laying down to go to sleep I had a major "ah ha!" moment as the answer became apparent- my brain had been working on the answer all day as I was going on with my business!)

4. Attending Class
Organization and serious studying can only get you so far. Your professors and teachers are paid the big bucks for a reason- they know what they're talking about! They're passionate about their topic of study, and whether you agree with their thoughts or not, they can be a huge source of inspiration and support. Showing up to class can be hard when you don't have the threat of a call home. 7:30 classes are rough- luckily I only have one this semester- but getting up and getting going will show commitment on your part. Even in lectures of 250- 300 people, the professors will know if you're there or not. Maybe not right that day, but when your homework grades start to drop and your exam scores bottom out... they'll know. Show that you appreciate their dedication and preparation by showing up. If the lecture content really that bad, you can get on FaceBook or something (although I'm not recommending that by any means!).

Back to School gets me just as excited as the next person.
I love buying pens and notebooks and all that fun stuff. But, school is just as much work as it is fun. Keep on top of everything and stay organized, and you'll have more time for the fun stuff! 

22 August 2013

Inspirational Women: Jennifer Aniston

If you don't see Jen Aniston as an inspiration in the fullest sense of the word, let's just agree to disagree. Not only is she Hollywood's hottest 40+ -year-old, she has an amazing resume that she's built on her own character. She is so genuine in all of her interviews and is so versatile in the roles she plays. 

She embraces Hollywood glamor and class. She's stayed out of scandal and keeps her personal life personal. She's funny and smart. At least for myself, she's capable of always making me laugh. She's not afraid to be herself. These traits have given her quite the following and fan-base. So basically, she's awesome! 

All of this praise is great, but my most admired trait of hers is this:
She has a way of leaving much to be desired while also seeming completely open and friendly.

I have no clue how she accomplishes it, but she does. And she does so beautifully. In my opinion, this is what makes her such an inspiration. She's so friendly and happy- she makes people like me feel as if she and I could be awesome friends. At the same time, she's never really talked about... She keeps her personal life under wraps and has been able to sustain some amount of privacy. Her modesty and quirky personality help this, no doubt, but I still have no idea how she does it!
I have come nowhere close to reaching her level of fame, yet I feel as if I am less welcoming and less humble than she. It's weird to look at someone so famous and feel so incredibly inferior while so empowered at the same time. When I talk about her being inspiring, this is what I'm talking about- She has this aura of kindness that I completely look up to her for.

Who inspires you?

21 August 2013

Wish List Wednesday

It's been a few weeks since I did a post like this... And in the case that I have any readers who really, really love me, I've gotta keep them coming. Right?

That's my rationalization, anyways.

I'll get right to it!

Okay, please excuse the picture quality (lol but not really). So I've had this slight obsession with leopard print for the last year or so. It's such a classy print that livens up any outfit and looks awesome with fall and winter colors. It does the impossible of making black and brown work together, and this bracelet would look fabulous around my wrist.

It's every preppy girl's dream to have a Lilly Jeep. 
In general, I think a Jeep would be an absolute blast to drive around in. The top off, the salty air blowing through my hair. There wouldn't be a care in the world in this car. The only sad part is that it's very rare for someone to personally own one of these beauts. In the case that you do, and you'd like to get rid of it, I'm your girl. 

While I love this Kate Spade watch, I'm wishing for time more than anything. I'm not wishing for more hours in the day or more years to my life. I'm wishing for time to slow down when it comes time for me to relax. I don't mind one bit the speed at which time moves when I'm busy and productive. What I do mind is the fact that time seems to blow by 10x faster the minute I sit down with a good book or for a phone call with my Grandma. All I want is more relaxation time- more time to laugh and smile and not have an agenda. That'd be great.

Okay so the big, tangible wish list item now is this Tory Burch Tote. It's beautiful and elegant. I love the slight color that is still subdued enough for the winter. It's magnificent. And if it isn't on my shoulder by Christmas, I hope Santa and his Elves leave it under the tree for me :)

Jack Rogers. Tortoise Shell.
If we're being honest, there's nothing more that needs to be said here. Unfortunately, I could never pay $148 for a pair of shoes that I will never wear. Here in the midwest, fall is definitely not sandal weather. And I don't think they'd work for any other season. Also, I'm living on a college girl budget. So until I'm working and vacationing to Palm Beach in the winter, these will have to remain on my wish list...

Wish, wish, wish. That's a girl's job. And while I don't like the fact that I can almost always think of 3-5 things that I want, I think that (if nothing else) this is a fun series of posts that I can look back at and remember the types of things I was into at various times of my life. But, if I ever want to be able to afford these Wish List items, I need to get back to the books and make a living on my own.


20 August 2013

Smooth Sailing

Back to school this and back to school that.
I'm a student and all I can think about is this new world of college, yet the virtual universe's obsession with all things "back to school" is a little much.

Don't get me wrong, I will be making more back to school posts.

But, today is different. Today is just a day where I'm identifying with every other person on the face of the earth as they go through daily struggles. Each person deals with adversity in a different way. For me, it's usually cliche quotes, music, or my Bible. When those "self help" remedies don't work, I head straight to my mom and dad. However it is that you deal with adversity in your life, one quote that always resonates with me is that "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor". 

I love it because it's one of the only cliche quotes that I can't argue with. We've all been told that we learn from our mistakes and that getting knocked down makes us stronger once we stand back up... yeah all that. And that's great! But we've also been told that "practice makes perfect". This quote brings the best of the best together-

If we experience repeated adversity, we become experts on the topic of life.

So, regardless of how different our struggles are, remember that you are being trained by God to be the best of the best... That's what gets me through. 

19 August 2013

Turning of a Page

Reading Syllabi. Making To-Do lists. Reading pages and pages...  and pages of textbooks.
It is officially time to start school again. Today marks my first day of college classes and a new chapter of my life. If I said I was anything other than excited and nervous, I'd be lying. I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't already overwhelmed. 

I have so many goals and expectations for this year. Of course, I'm a student first and I want to finish this semester with an awesome GPA. But I want more than a number to describe me on campus- I want to get involved and meet students who are passionate about the same things that I am. College is such a big world and a small pond at the same time... and I'm just trying to find my niche.

There are clubs affiliated with my major, which I plan to get involved with. Pharmacy is not, in any world, and easy major. I need all the support and help I can get. Enter, Pharmacy clubs. Nerdy? Yes. But Purdue is basically a school of nerds so it's actually completely normal here... Unfortunately, so are the Pokemon clubs. Yes, Pokemon.

Socially, of course a sorority is my top choice. Recruitment begins this week and will be a huge, time-consuming part of my next couple of weeks. Basically, I need to keep the coffee coming because I will be getting no sleep. All through high school, I was involved with the Riley Dance Marathons, which have become the Children's Hospital's largest donor (Yay DM!!!). Purdue has set the bar high- $1 Million to Riley this year, and I want to be a part of this awesome fundraiser! Besides Panhellenic Affiliations, I want to get into the Riley Dance Marathon and hopefully get placed in some leadership roles in the future.

College is a time for trying new things, right? Well I've never been really involved in sports. I love college football and basketball, tailgates, dressing up- I live for all that! But I might try something a little bit more out of my comfort zone and by a bit I mean completely 100% out there! I was invited by the coach of Purdue's rowing team to come check it out. I was a little skeptical at first, but College Prepster did it, so I can too... right? Sure. I'll see what it's all about... So here's to the new me! 

I have been so excited for college since about... freshman year of high school (okay maybe not but you get it). Now that it's finally here, I'm going to sacrifice sleep to see what it's all about! 

I'm ready for the ride of my life! 

18 August 2013


Can I just say that I am pleased to find that chivalry is not dead!

This past week of being at school (and yes, today marks 1 week!) I've met so many fantastic people. I've definitely stepped out of my comfort zone and opened up- just trusting that people will love me for me! It's been awesome to learn about all different kinds of interests while also finding out that others share some of my weird habits and obsessions... although people still think I'm crazy when I sit on the floor all the time.


Of course, I've had fun meeting boys, too! I love that I can have intelligent conversations with guys and they actually enjoy my presence! It might be partially because the guys are just trying to impress the girls, but I've noticed a stunning level of chivalry on the Purdue campus.

They may be no Prince William, but there have been plenty of doors held for me and plenty of offers to help me set up my cable and wifi. The most impressive though?
I had a young man insist on walking closest to the street as we walked together.

My mind was blown & my heart was a-flutter. I doubt this activity will last long, but if any of you Purdue men are reading this right now, please keep it up!

your PurduePrep 
and every other girl on campus

17 August 2013

I'm Alive!

I understand that I've been away long enough to safely be categorized as "MIA", and I apologize for that! This week has been so busy and tiring- I moved into my dorm and participated in a week of freshman orientation. I've been surviving on less than five hours of sleep and immense amounts of walking (14+ miles one day!).

It's been absolutely crazy! But I'm happy to say that I'm settled in and classes begin on Monday. I am ready to begin my adventure as a college freshman and I hope that you're excited to experience it with me!


From my new abode, PurduePrep is here!

07 August 2013

Wish List Wednesday

These wish lists are beginning to get a little bit dangerous.
The reason? Because I'm entering a world of college-girl-brokeness. So I imagine my wish list will grow and grow and grow

....hopefully my mom is reading the blog and will send me a care package [or 5].
Or, hopefully my wish list will become less materialistic.

Anyways, here's what I'm wishing for. 

The Debra Sweater
I have been loving Lilly's Fall 2013 line. I already made one purchase, which has arrived and I can't wait to wear! This sweater looks marvelous, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy it just yet. My birthday is conveniently in October, which is perfect for mid-fall and winter clothing purchases. I can almost guarantee that I will have this on my birthday list (even if I buy it for myself). 

Leopard Loafers
I have been wanting a pair for the past year... I'm not kidding. I love the leopard because it's fun, but also functional- they can go with black or brown and look great with fall and winter colors. These are also great because loafers are extremely comfortable, which is necessary since I'll be walking around campus quite a bit. 

Honestly, I think I'd be happy if all I got for my birthday and Christmas was SBux cards. Seriously, I've gone out of my way so much lately to enjoy my favorite drinks, while still trying to pace myself. I just can't afford to make it a daily habit while I'm at school... unless someone wants to send me a $100 gift card. Then I guess I can.

Purdue Student Life
I picked a major that isn't exactly the easiest. I also picked a school that is extremely competitive and well-known. I can't wait for all of the experiences- sporting events, recruitment, meeting new people! But I want so badly to be able to balance all of that. I want to be able to study and have a life and friends. I guess I'm not the most outgoing and social person, so I doubt I'll struggle much with making studying a priority. I've just got to remember that student life is a priority, too.


Like I said, broke college life has become a reality. 
A stark, horrible reality. That I must live and embrace in order to appreciate my hard work and paychecks in the years to come.

No matter how long my wish list,
I'll always be blessed.

06 August 2013

New Branding

Please mind the dust as RedHeaded Sarah changes a bit.
Same writer, same subjects... just some new branding.

I hope you enjoy!

White Noise

My sister is starting to have an influence on me.
She and I have pretty much been opposites her whole life. It's always driven me absolutely crazy how she will turn on the tv or youtube but not watch it. She'd sit on her phone or computer. I'd always think "what's the point? it's just noise"

Then I realized something- her noise may be physical, while mine is mental.


Okay, no I'm not crazy. I'm an over-thinker. 
My sister is a do-er and I'm a thinker. I let my thoughts and ambitions bounce around in my head until it becomes too much and I just forget it. I let my fears consume me. I let my plans develop to the point that they're so much that I don't carry them out. I let my inner white noise distract me from living my life.

This is kind of depressing, but I'm glad that I figured this out now... before I let my college years get away from me. I've got to think less, write more, and never turn down an opportunity just because it isn't quite "planned out". I've been worried about college because of this aspect of my nature, but it's something that I've come to terms with.

My apprehension to going out and my over-thinking may keep me out of bad decisions. It may help me make sure I study enough. It'll help remind me of my goals for my time at college, just hopefully not at the expense of my level of fun while there. 

This is something different for me, but I'm going to try to learn from my sister. She's been trained to tune out the white noise when she's focused on something else. I need to tune out the white noise when it's simply fear.No fun stories come from a life controlled by fear; a life lived in safety.

The excitement happens the moment you throw safety out the window

01 August 2013


It's horrible to think that summer is coming to a close...
really, it isn't. We still have a month of summer! But fashion likes to get us thinking about fall during the warmest months of summer.

Fall lines are coming out. Fashion magazines are hilighting the fall looks.
And, honestly, it makes me excited for crunching leaves; reds, greens, and blues; football games.
Like any fashion-forward girl, I've got my fall classics already. What I need now, are some fun pieces that can carry me from summer to fall into winter. It's a tough bill to fit, but there are a few looks that I am loving for early fall all the way into snowy December.


If you're like me, you lust over the perfect pair of riding boots. Last year, I bought a pair of Ralph Lauren riding boots that were black. This year, I'm on the prowl for some tan or brown boots. Yes, Tory Burch would be my ideal pair, but the price tag is a little.... scary. To say the least. These Michael Kors boots are about half the price of a pair or Tory Burch boots, and I think I might actually like them a little better. I'm all for simplicity, and these just aren't as showy as TB's. 

Shirt dresses are going to be a favorite of mine this season, I feel. I've grown to love dresses, and these easily transition from summer to fall with a change of shoe choice. Add some leggings in the winter and a trench coat- you're nice and warm for a walk in the snow! I've now purchased two of these dresses- one from Gap and this Beckett dress from Lilly's fall line. I also love how these can be belted or dressed up with jewelry. Versatility is key, people! 

The J. Crew excursion vest. I have been excited to buy one since I fell in love with them after they were taken out of stores this past winter. I know, I have impeccable timing. It's driving me crazy that my local stores don't have them in yet.. I don't even think they're online at this point! But, when they are, you best believe that I'll be first in line to buy one... or probably one in every color.

I love accessorizing in the fall, too! I adore wearing scarves and hats. I love knee socks. 

Honestly, I love everything about fall.