17 May 2013

Summer Wish List

Summer means shorts, dresses, sandals, and oh so many bright colors!
As the self-proclaimed shopaholic that I am, I have a mile long list of summer clothes to buy. Bigger paychecks, graduation money, and babysitting all means one thing: shopping! 

I've narrowed my wish list down to a few items that I need in my closet... soon!

So, I used to think that Jack Rogers looked like shoes more fit for my grandma than for myself. But they've really been growing on me and I'm thinking that I might need to buy a pair this summer! I'm still deciding on color, but I'm loving the navy and white, the gold, and the plain white. For my first pair, I really want something versatile and that I can dress up or down. I've put probably more thought into these shoes than necessary, but I really just want the perfect pair!

This dress. Okay so I'd be happy with anything off the Lilly summer line, but this Cambrey Dress is basically the most perfect dress ever. It's so classy and is perfect for nautical summer trips as well as into fall. Even more perfect: I got the summer GWP dates in the mail today... so guess what I'll be buying?

Only I would be the one to add summer reading material to my list of summer wants. But, I'm going to need some good reads for by the beach, laying out at the pool, and traveling. I've got quite a few books that I'm planing to read, a few of which include Mrs. Kennedy and Me, The Freshman 50, and any F. Scott Fitzgerald. I've jumped the gun a bit and started reading This Side of Paradise. You can follow all of my summer reading at my Goodreads page :)

The countdown to summer is now in the single digits, so my motivation is at an all time low.
All I can think about is pool time, beach time, and being with friends! All of the fun colors of summer collections are not helping, and the emails about all the sales going on aren't much help, either. Hopefully I can get through these next days in one piece.

Freedom is just around the corner!