06 May 2013

Graduation Gifts

Today marks 4 weeks (or 19 days) of school left!! 
College kids are finishing up finals or are already home, and high schoolers are nearing their last days! The class of 2013 is entering its final days of high school-
  graduation and open houses are quickly approaching!

Whether you know hundreds of graduates or just 2, there's nothing like commemorating the accomplishment with a perfect gift! While money is always, always appreciated, putting some thought into a gift that your grad will love is so much more heartfelt and gives them a way to take a bit of you away with them!

Hint to your favorite cousin or crush that you want to keep up the correspondence with this adorable Lilly stationery set. This set works for a variety of occasions; she'll hardly be able to resist writing you! I know I wouldn't be able to! No student can have enough pens, and this Lilly one will keep note taking light and pretty! You can never go wrong with Lilly or writing materials. Put the two together and you've made the best gift-giver list!

Whether graduating from college or high school, grads have a whole new world ahead of them. For the avid writer, note-taker, or list-maker (hello, me!) this Kate Spade travel journal commemorates the leaving of one life to the entering of the next. It's cute and fashionable while also completely functional. Since it's technically a travel journal, it has pockets inside, which will work perfectly for any busy girl who needs a place to keep her syllabus, calendar, or just some miscellaneous notes. This is an awesome, inexpensive gift that will make an impact on your grad and keep her thinking of you every time she opens it.

Every girls needs a College Prepster monogrammed bracelet! Marley Lilly has the one, and it is a perfect grad gift! Jewelry is always perfect for the preppy girl, and a monogram makes anything better! This bracelet is the epitome of the preppy girl and will be a great outfit staple for going to class, going out, or meeting with a professor. Stylish, sophisticated, and classic, you can't go wrong with this one. 

For the reader, the funny one, or the guy who's too smart for his own good, That Book about Harvard is a perfect buy! At less than $15, the price is just right. This book will make you laugh at the horrible things poor Eric went through his freshman year at the esteemed Harvard University, though it's lighthearted enough not to instill fear into the incoming college freshmen. I plan on purchasing this book for many of my guy friends. While books aren't always the most exciting gift, encourage your grad to give it a chance. I promise you that they will be hooked after the first page. The laughs will be great and the fact that you provided them will be even better! 

Happy Gift Giving! Don't forget to tell your grad "Congrats!"