26 May 2013

Sparkle Bright!

Memorial Day Weekend is always spent with family, food, and lots of pool time. Of course, my very near graduation has been a frequent subject at family gatherings and I expect no less for the following days. Today, my aunt was talking to me about my plans and just college life in general and I came to a very odd (for me) realization:

I need to make certain that what I do in college sets me up for my future.

A lot of times, college is talked about as a fun time or a time that all adults wish they could go back to. But, the thing is, college is a serious resume- building time. It's the time where you make your greatest friends, reach a great mental capacity, and hopefully have fun doing so! The collegiate world has so many opportunities and activities to offer and I can't wait to find my niche and to grow through those activities. 

I am a type-A planner, who has to make sure that everything happens just right. But, I'm not the type who "sells" myself very well. That's got to change in college. Whether it's interviewing for a school, leadership position, internship, or job, I've got to be able to set myself apart. I need to be a diamond in the rough... or at least a diamond amongst gems. This is something that is hard for me, but it'll surely be something that I'll be working on! 

sparkle in Kate Spade

I find it extremely challenging to set myself on a pedestal and essentially make myself better than others, but I 100% understand the need for it in the corporate world. 

So, here's to the new Sarah