01 March 2013

Call Me Crazy...

So, it's finally March!!! To me, that means one thing: Spring Break! In 26 days I will be on my way to sunny Sanibel Island with my Lilly Pulitzer beach tote and flip slops in hand. Basking in the sun, reading a few books, running in the crisp Florida air... I want it all! With only a few paychecks left before break, I've got a few major items left to get. I know, I know... I'm crazy for thinking that I need any of this. But Spring Break shopping is essentially welcoming the warmth in. I'm just trying to be hospitable :)

This Lilly tote is a the absolute top of my list!! I'm debating on prints and I've had my eye on the Hold your Horses... but the Chin Chin is really growing on me. Either one will be fabulous and adorable for summer, too. 

Which one do you like best?

I'm also a lover of Sperrys... their new spring collection has me absolutely drooling! I think the bright colored ones are cute, but I just can't justify buying them because I just don't think I'll get enough wear out of them. These, though, I'd probably end up wearing every day. They're so incredibly perfect!

I'm well aware the it seems like I have a shopping problem... okay so maybe I do. I don't deny it. But I think that it's the only way to stay sane at this point. Spring break so close, yet so far away; I have tests and studying to endure before my feet touch that sand. But, it will be here soon enough & for that I'm thankful.