05 March 2013

5k is for wimps!!

So, I've been running for a few years just recreationally and I'm really getting tired of my training-for-nothing plan. I've run 5ks and distances up to 6 miles, but I'm wanting to push myself a little bit more. I've been trying out different 13.1 mile plans and none of them seem to work. They pile up all the distance on the weekends and don't include any cross training to give muscles time to repair. Over the weekend, I found a plan that looks like it might be just the one for me!

I've always loved Nike.. I mean, you can't go wrong with them! They sponsored a tweet about training for a half-marathon, so I decided to give the plan a look. I love it! As soon as it warms up, I'll be running my way to a 13.1!!!

For anyone wanting to try it out with me, I'll give you week 1:

I believe it goes along with workouts in the Nike Training Club App, which is free on the app store. 
Go ahead and try it out! I won't be starting until next week or the week after, but I'll post the plans for anyone wanting to follow the plan.

Train Hard!