09 March 2013

Beautiful Simplicity

There is something so beautiful about the simple things in life. 

The coming of spring has made me appreciate the little things in life.
Like a family dinner or a walk with my dog.

Hearing the birds chirping while I read and sip tea in the morning.

One way that I love bringing beauty to everyday is by small pops of color. I love colorful outfits, but I'm one to stay with a common theme. I'm not too out there. But, there is one way that I love bringing fun colors to my day: this is with nail polish! 

Nail polish is such a simple and fun way to wear a color that maybe intimidates you. Or, like me, maybe you have a favorite color but you don't like how that color looks when you wear it. Pretty nails make me feel girly and fun... bright nail colors remind me of the sunshine and summer.

My favorite color for this spring is Essie's Mint Candy Apple. I've actually had it since fall, when I found it in a makeup store in Paris! It's the prettiest Tiffany Blue, but it was just released in America this season. Of course, you can never go wrong with a red, or more fun, coral!! 

Put some fun in your life, with a simple change of nail color!