20 March 2013

Worn Out Apps

So, my iPhone is basically glued to me on a regular basis. Even though I get almost no signal in more than half of my classes (yaaaay high school), I still manage to communicate with my phone throughout the day. When I just cannot get signal, I revert to a few of my favorite apps. These apps get a huge amount of lovin' on a daily basis, so why not share?

yes, some of the apps are old. but these are my daily go-to's

Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. These apps are 100% percent my obsessions. I pay attention to the lives of others way more than I should, but I have this weird fascination with studying others... maybe I should be a sociologist. But seriously, I analyze the feeds of everyone I follow. I find myself questioning why someone I've never talked to in person chooses to post certain tweets or images. For attention? For fun? who knows. I probably have a problem, but don't we all?

p.s. Instagram has been kindof beneficial to me in more ways that just the fact that I can share my pictures with the rest of the world. I never used to be the type to take pictures, but now I do. All. The. Time! I obviously don't post every picture I take, but I definitely document my life much more than I used to, which I enjoy.

Lose It. So, obviously it's spring break and summer time. While that means sweet tea, the beach, and sun, it also means swimming suits! And hopefully you understand when I say that I did a little too much indulging over the holidays. Lose It is the single best weight loss app... out of the free ones, at least! It's been super efficient in helping me track my meals and workouts. Seriously, with it I was able to reach my spring break goal this week! And I don't leave for another week. How awesome is that?! This app has definitely gotten a lot of love from me lately.

 Shazam. Well, to be honest, all my music apps all receive thorough use. I have been using shazam more than usual lately, because I'm keeping a list for my spring break playlist! I also use Pandora daily (and am not too happy to hear about the new time limits... I still haven't pulled the trigger on paying for Pandora) and, of course, the music and iTunes app. I am a music fanatic and I truly use my iPhone for the music almost more than anything!

Technology amazes me! I can do so much on such a small device.
What are your favorite apps? I'm curious for some other good ones to download.