30 June 2013

Top 5: June 2013

I can't believe that one of my favorite months- June- has come and gone so quickly!

But, that means that I get to look back at the month and pick out my favorite things from that month. June has been a month that I've really enjoyed, from the bonfires to sleeping in to catching up with old friends. With graduation came graduation parties, gifts, and busy weekends. It's been quite a month and I have a few favorites that I'm ready to share from the month!

1. Lip Color
I've written a few posts about this new love of mine, and I've taken the multiple grad parties and bonfires to experiment daily vs. occasion wear for a variety of popular products and brands. On a daily basis, I really enjoy Burts Bees lip shimmers in Cherry and Rhubarb. I've posted about those before, but they typically are my go-to for everyday. If it's daytime but I've got plans that are a little more laid out than my normal daily plans, I really like Tarte LipSurgence in Pouty (as opposed to my initial Glamazon Lipstick). This color is just a bit darker than my natural tint, as well as shimmery and light. When it comes to actual lipstick, I go for Revlon colors. They're relatively inexpensive and are very moisturizing! All-in-all, I have really been enjoying lip colors this month! 

2. Kate Middleton
My love affair with Kate is no secret. But with her due date quickly approaching, the media has been going crazy about Kate and I'm so happy about that! Kate is an inspiration to many women, including myself. I love her classic wardrobe and her simplicity. She's so beautiful and graceful- enough to turn me into the ugly green monster. To keep me entertained, I've ordered three books about Kate... I may be a little bit obsessed, but I'm also very interested in the Royal Family in general. 

3. Stationery
Being a grad means that I've been getting a ridiculous amount of mail (and money!). While I'm very appreciative of this, I've been writing "Thank You" notes out the wazoo! I don't even want to know how much time I've spent writing letters, but each person deserves that time from me. Most of the people I received money from I've only known a few times, so I surely want them to know how much I appreciate their thoughts and support. Anyways, I find it a lot more fun to write thank you's when I've got cute stationery. I know there are all kinds of boutiques and expensive places to buy stationery, but I've really been drawn to the Mira Mi collection at Target... I have come home with new stationery the last few times I've gone to Target. I really love the options and they look much more expensive than they are!

4. Concerts
Summer is for late nights and loud music. There's not a lot to do around where I live, but there are plenty of concerts. Lawn tickets are between $30-100 and make for an awesome night! So far this summer I've only gone to two concerts, but there are about four more that I have planned after vacation. It's a guaranteed night of fun with all of your friends- what's to lose?

5. Tumblr
Okay I know that Tumblr is nothing new, but it is to me! I've loved Pinterest for a while for inspiration, but I've heard quite a lot about Tumblr lately. So, I decided to give it a try! I've had my Tumblr account for a while and I used it as a sort of "travel journal" while I was in Europe last fall. But it's not really made for that too much. I've been a bit confused with its function, but I think I'm getting the hang of it, and it's pretty fun! Here's my Tumblr.

So, June has come to an end. Luckily, July will be filled with equally as great adventures and experiences. It'll be full of firsts and lasts, hellos and goodbyes.

But, I'm ready for it! 
Goodbye June!

29 June 2013

Setting Sail

Today my family and I set sail on the Oasis of the Seas from Royal Caribbean.
Needless to say, I will be posting sparingly. This much-needed vacation will take me away from any connectedness to life outside of the islands and boat- jealous?

Have a fantastic couple of weeks! I'll be back after a little R&R.


27 June 2013

Jet Life

There's something so wonderful about seeing the sun rise as you arrive in a new place.

Finally, the trip I've been waiting for has arrived! Any trip can get me excited, really, but going to the beach and on a cruise is going to be so great. Today, while you're still sleeping, I'm up in the air. But by the time you get through rush hour or get breakfast, I will have landed in the Sunshine State and will be making a beeline to the sun and sand. 

The next few weeks are going to be full of travel and sparse wifi. In fact, I won't even have my computer with me. Enjoy the few posts I have scheduled!

I'll be back, so don't get too used to me being away :)

26 June 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: College Desk Edition

As lame as this sounds, I'm so excited to shop for my desk!

Just give me THIS.
Having a clean slate to work with is any neat-freak's dream! I get to organize however I want and decorate it for both looks and function. As I've stated before, I'm kinda on this lucite kick so don't be surprised when everything I want is lucite! 

Anyways, here's my wishlist for my desk:

1. Vertical File & File Folders
2. Glass Desk Pad (monogrammed?)
4. Book Ends
5. Inspiration board/ book
7. Plant (hydrangeas, please?)
8. Lamp

Kinda ridiculous for a college dorm, but I've been dreaming of having a desk for so long! I haven't had one for any of college and it's so hard to sit in the kitchen or on my bed to do my work; I had no set study place, which isn't good. So, while I have the chance, my desk is going to be beautiful!

For me, a desk is almost the most exciting part of moving into a dorm.

25 June 2013

What's in My Bag: Beach Bag

So now that it's officially summer and I'm leaving in two days for the beach, I figured that a beach bag post was in order. While I don't carry anything too ridiculous or special, I enjoy reading about what others take with them to the beach. I thought that maybe someone would be interested in what I take, as well.

Like I said, nothing too out of the ordinary, but I wouldn't be ready for a day on the beach without it.

The most important and instrumental part of this post is the bag! Previously, I've used the freebie bags that I've gotten from Victoria's Secret or Lancome... I decided it was time to step it up and purchase a bag for the beach. Before spring break, I bought the Lilly Shoreline Tote, which I absolutely love! It's a great size for the beach, but I also use it as my "carry on" personal bag when I travel. It's big enough to load up with anything that didn't quite fit in the suitcase.

Most of my bag is full of skincare products. I'm a redhead with freckles, blue eyes, and fair skin. I never use a sunscreen less that 15 SPF and usually it's more like 30. I love the Australian Gold Sunscreen, because it has a built-in bronzer that I swear gets baked into your skin! I started using this my freshman year and it gives me a nice bronze glow that redheads usually don't experience. I wouldn't recommend that on your face though, as it's pretty oily. Instead, I use Maybelline BB cream... I know, I'm obsessed! But it's got a 30 SPF which protects my face. Just for fun, I bring along these Evian Mineral Water sprays. They are refreshing and help to rejuvenate the face from the sun. They're kinda pricey, but they're a splurge that I wouldn't want to go without.

Besides skin care, my bag typically carries a book and some sunglasses. For the beach, I make sure that I also have my Cotton Snaps on- nothing like losing a pair of Ray Bans to the ocean. I also like to take my most versatile pair of sunglasses, which is usually my aviators and my tortoise shell wayfarers. These two work with brown or black and can work on the beach or out to dinner. Pack smart! I also like to keep a hat in my bag, usually a Ralph Lauren hat in either navy or pink (since these two colors go with most of my swimsuits) to keep my face shaded and keep my hair from drying out in the sun. 

Of course, what better to do on the beach than read and people-watch? I used to be the type to put in my headphones and just lay there, but that's no fun and nobody wants to disturb you. With a book you can hear the ocean, chime in on conversations, and cute guys may feel like they can approach you to play a pick-up volleyball game :) Book-wise, there are a few books that I've already posted that I plan to read this summer. Naturally, the list keeps growing and I've now got three books from Amazon on their way! They're all about the British Royals- mostly William, Harry, and Catherine-, which I think will be fascinating to read! First on the docket? Kate. She is so inspiring and I think this will be the perfect beach read.

Now that my beach bag is all packed and I'm imagining laying out, listening to the ocean, I want these next 48 hours to pass quickly!

21 June 2013

Something to Think About: Women in the Work Force

I've never really been one who fights strongly for women to have rights in the work place- I'd be more than happy using my MRS degree more than my Pharm D degree. But, women are necessary in the work force and deserve to have the ability to be successful. Regardless of who you are, we can all agree that women are always right ;)

All joking aside, I was able to really connect with what Sheryl talked about in this TED talk. I frequently get so down on myself and underestimate my abilities. This creates an inferiority complex and a self-fulfilling prophecy that only results in women (in this case, myself) being unsuccessful. I, like many women, do not always reach for opportunity.. usually because I feel that I don't want to disappoint and don't want to "set myself up for failure". 

What Sheryl has done has opened my eyes to this idea. I need to be more aggressive and empowering in every aspect of my life. While being the CEO or COO of a company is not necessarily my main goal in life- and I don't necessarily think that women are more or less fit for that job than men- I do think that women who strive for that power deserve an equal shot at it.

To reach that, though, both men and women need to work to empower women.

20 June 2013

Living in the Now

We all know that I have a habit of planning out my life to the minute.

While one might initially think that this only applies to keeping a calendar or agenda, technology has allowed it to be so much more. Thanks to developers, we now have the ability to create events and have a countdown calculated and kept for us... to the second.

Me being the avid planner that I am, of course I had to have this!! It allowed me to get a visual of how much longer I have to wait for something- good or bad. I used mine to countdown to graduation, vacations, parties, anything. After graduation, I found myself immediately entering in the date in which I plan to move into my dorm, the first day of classes at Purdue, and my birthday! A friend of mine saw me doing this and said something along the lines of "Why are you already wishing your summer away?!"

To that, I had no answer.

Why was I so eager to begin counting down for the next big thing as soon as what I'd been waiting for arrived? I have no idea, but it's a problem. I promptly exited the app and deleted it. I'm proud to say that I have planned less this summer and have not been counting down at all! In fact, for the first time ever, I felt a bit unprepared today... not something I particularly enjoy. Throughout college I'll have to work on striking that balance between micro-planning out my life and being prepared. But wishing away my life is not the way to do it.

I'm a planer. That trait will be engrained in me for as long as live and there's no way to avoid that. 
But there is a way to enjoy life while also having rhythm- 

that's what I want.

19 June 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: College Dorm Edition

Moving to college is quickly approaching and I'm sure that you've got your list that's just as long as mine when it comes to shopping for school. The next few wishlists are going to be about college and preparing... they'll act as ideas for you as well as a running tab of what I still need to buy.

No shame in publicly displaying my shopping list.

1. Mini-fridge
2. Router
3. Extension Cords/ Outlet Multipliers
4. Sheets- preferably monogrammed
5. Bath Towels- monogram please!
6. Mattress Pad
7. Wall Art

This is basically everything I need for my room - excluding my desk and shower caddy - anything obvious that seems missing is probably covered by my room mate. She's in charge of a microwave, futon, decor, and other things like that. 

It's so exciting and expensive to get ready for college and I really can't wait to see how it all turns out! I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer thus far.

Enjoy these next few months!

18 June 2013

Tuesday, Shoes-Day

The shoes complete the outfit and this girl most definitely has a pair for every outfit!

I may be a little bit of a shoe fanatic, but what girl isn't?! I have a few go-to pairs of shoes for the summertime. From flats to heels, here are the shoes I couldn't live without:

 1. My Lilly Pulitzer Jelly Sandals are my go-to shoes! They're so comfortable and versatile. I found them on sale at a boutique for $19 and honestly don't know what they retail at. Regardless, they're awesome! I'm so sad that they aren't for sale right now... I think they can probably be found online. If you come across them, snatch 'em up!

A girl can't go wrong with Nike Free Runs. They're perfect for a game of tennis or running errands on a Saturday. My Free Runs definitely get plenty of use. I'm going to have to buy a new pair before I leave for college in August, and I'm loving these blue-green ones! 

Sperry Topsiders are THE classic summer shoe. They scream life on the water and are comfortable to the max! They can be dressed up or down and are perfect for almost any occasion or type of weather. While I love all of the fun colors and most of the designs (but I HATE the sparkles), I find that the classic browns get the most use and look the best- the more worn they get, the more character they have!

No matter where you're going, you've got to have shoes on so make sure they're fabulous. On days where I dress up more, I love my Lilly 1 1/2 inch wedges. They're the perfect balance of classy and comfortable. When I'm on vacation or away from home, I always make sure to pack my nude heels in case I need to really dress up an outfit.. or just want a little more height :)

What are your summer shoe favorites?

WISHLIST UPDATE: look what is currently in the mail!
Yes, I finally did it. My new Jacks are on the way :)

17 June 2013

Experimenting: Lip Color

I've never been one to take huge risks when it comes to makeup.

As you have noticed from my "beauty must haves" and various "favorite" posts that I'm pretty basic when it comes to my makeup routine and the kind of makeup I use. I like a fresh, simple look in every aspect of my style- probably the reason I like navy so much and hardly ever use product or heat on my hair. I've been blessed with good features that tend to work on their own, so why mess with it? 

Well, one thing I was blessed with were very full lips and big teeth. With the help of braces, my smile has become one of my favorite features and one that receives a lot of compliments. It came to my attention that playing with the color of my lips (subtlety, of course! No blue or white or anything crazy) may help make my look complete while drawing attention to a favorite feature. So, on graduation- of all nights!- I decided to go out and buy some fun bright pink lipstick.
the life-changing night

Contrary to every previous experience with lip loss, stick or stain, I actually liked it! It was fun! I liked the way my lips and whole face looked with it. I felt confident; like a new graduate, I was a new woman! It was so crazy to me that I was looking forward to going back and buying additional, more neutral colors. I ended up picking up the Burts Bees lip color that is a little more red than my natural color that I can use for every-day wear. My next splurge is definitely going to be on a Tarte lipstick... or two. 

Have you tried anything lately that you've absolutely loved?

16 June 2013

Obsessing Over Camelot

Lately I have been so intrigued by the Kennedy Family!

The whole "Royalty" feel of the family and their power and wealth is so cool to me! I love biographies and have been going absolutely crazy over the biographies on the Kennedys by J. Randy Taraborrelli. Reviews say that his bios take a completely different angle on the lives of the people he writes about. 

I love Jackie O, so Jackie, Ethel, Joan is a perfect book for myself! Following is After Camelot, which I think will be fascinating because it brings the family history up to present (or 2012). I love books that I can just dive into the lives of others and learn about their ways of living. Especially with such a prominent, American family and the powerful women in it. I have a feeling these books will not only tell so much about the lives of the Kennedys, but they will tell intriguing stories!

I think I've found a few books that have moved to the to of my list...

15 June 2013

Southern State of Mind

I'm from the midwest, but I firmly believe that 
I was a fully-fledged Southern Belle in my other life.

I've thought and thought about my destiny to end up end the South and I've come up with a few reasons why I am truly, 100% always in a Southern State of Mind.

1. I automatically feel more at home below the Mason-Dixon Line
2. Big hair not only looks good- it holds the best secrets
3. Wearing a dress is a daily occasion
4. I want to be in the sun or by the ocean more than anything else in the world
5. My body runs on Sweet Tea, not water
6. The Civil War was really the War of Northern Aggression
7. "Roll Tide"
8. A Sorority is just that - a sisterhood - more than it is a change to get sloppy
9. Seersucker, pink & green, and nautical navy makes up at least 50% of my closet
10. I am 100% a hostess and have learned from the best- my mother.

Even though I'm not from the South, I hope and pray that I'll find a husband either from the South or willing to move that way. My dream is to have my kids address elders as "yes mam" and "yes sir", grow up with the SEC, and love the sunshine just as much as I do.

For now, though, I'll stay dreaming of the South.

13 June 2013

Burberry Kisses

I'm always one to find the most inspiration in the most random things. 

I'm on Burberry's mailing list, so this came to my e-mail. When it did I found it so charming! How cute of an idea to send your actual lip-print (?) to your loved one! Technology allows us to be so connected without even needing any physical interaction- I find this to be wonderful and terrifying at the same time. Regardless, this short video was so cute. It reminded me just how important it is to keep in touch and to show others you love them... no matter the distance of time difference.

I'll be taking advantage of this adorable feature!

11 June 2013

Summer Reading List

If you're anything like me, summer is super exciting because it allows for more time to sit down and read!
Naturally, I spend the weeks leading up to summer picking out which books were the top books on my "to read" list. I am really enjoying F. Scott Fitzgerald lately, so his books will come in here and there. But for beach or poolside reading, I was able to narrow it down to the first three books that I plan to read. 

I had heard of The Paris Wife on GoodReads and it sounded intriguing. Then, as I was grocery shopping with my mom one weekend, I saw that it was on sale! Not that the price has ever stopped me from purchasing a book... but I just couldn't turn it down! The content is right up my ally- it's about the life and love of Ernest Hemingway and Hadley. It looks to be a pretty interesting read so I'm excited to start it!

A Hundred Summers is a book that is coming out in June. I read about it in People's Summer Book Picks and it sounded interesting. It takes place in the '20s and is a story of luck, love, and wealth. Plus, it takes place during the summer and I'm a sucker for any kind of beach or summer love stories! 

It's totally like me to buy a book as a souvenir, so Portion of the Sea was an awesome find on spring break! We vacationed on Sanibel Island, and the author of this book lives there on the island. I'm not sure how great the writing will be or if the story will be any good, but the fact that it was written on Sanibel was enough to get me to buy.

I'm so looking forward to getting on a real vacation- away from the midwest- and indulge in these books!

What are you favorite summer reads?

10 June 2013

Summer Nights

The summer days full of sunshine and pools are always great,
but summer nights hold all the memories.

As the sun and the temperature goes down, the events heat up. Summer nights are for cuddling by the fire, going to concerts, and finally going to bed as the sun is coming back up! There's nothing quite like summer nights. I'd definitely say that my favorite nights are those where conversation gets deep and feelings come out. Those are the nights that everyone feels closer- friendships strengthen. Those are the nights where you remember the words more than the actions. For someone sentimental like me, those nights are the best. 

are you more of a summer day or summer night person?

09 June 2013

Summer Beauty Must-Haves

The best part about summer is flaunting your natural beauty!

For an already low-maintenance type of girl when it comes to makeup and hair, summer is a wonderful time for me! I get to spend even less time primping, meaning more time in the sun! Don't get me wrong though, I still make sure that I feel confident about how I look and I do still wear makeup. The thing is, the heat and the sun already gives me a tan and my skin isn't as dry so I don't have to use as many moisturizing products. Most days, I spend 10 minutes on my hair and face and am out the door! 

Here's how I do it:

I start off with 1. BB Cream. Each person has their own preference on how they want themselves to look, so your choice of BB Cream may be different than mine. But, I have been a fan of Maybelline's since day 1! It's good on my wallet as well as my face and having that extra SPF 30 in there is awesome! BB Cream is my go-to and then if I want to look a little more done-up I'll add some blush and bronzer. 
My eyes come second. I typically don't have to do a lot with my eyes- they're blue so I like the way they look as-is. Since I'm fair skinned and light haired, I have the world's lightest eyelashes! I wear mascara every single day whether I'm going to the gym or to a party. I love Clinique's WaterProof and Smudge- Proof Volume Mascara. It won't budge all day, but comes of easily with makeup remover. It gives my eyes enough oomph to stand out but not so much that I look like Barbie. If I were going out to dinner or to an event I'd probably add liner to my waterlines and gold eyeshadow. Otherwise, I stay simple with just the mascara.
Since I stay pretty simple with my face and eye makeup, I like to play up my lips. I really like my lips, so I like to make them stand out. Lately I've been using Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb. It's the perfect summery red/ pink that doesn't look too dramatic. I like to wear lip moisturizers like this during the day to keep my lips soft and protected from the sun. At night or if I had specific plans, I'd probably opt for some sort of lip stick. 
Lastly, nails! I'm a huge fan of Essie and am currently wearing Essie Fifth Avenue. It's an awesome bright red that looks good with everything. Summer time is the best time to pull out colors ranging from red and pink to orange and coral. 

How do you embrace your natural beauty in the summer?

08 June 2013

Summer Fun: Crafts

I've never been much of a DIY'er.

I'd much rather spend the extra money and have a product that looks good and is done professionally. I'm not sure if this is because I've grown up with the ability to afford this or if it's my lack of any kind of artistic ability whatsoever (I'm thinking a little of both..). But, with the world of Pinterest, my lack of creativity doesn't hinder my ability to find cute and functional crafts! Between my sort-of looking for crafts for my dorm room and people posting their craft ideas, I've been able to come up with some fun ideas that I think even I'm capable of making.

All three of these crafts are definitely going to be done this summer! From left to right, there's the Lilly Pulitzer Print Craft, the Sparkly Mason Jar, and Sparkly Clothespins. 
The Lilly crafts are everywhere and I'm sure you've seen them anywhere from coolers to coasters. I'm thinking either some coasters or even small wall art- type things would be cute for my dorm room! My roommate is a Lilly Lover as well, so I think these would be so cute!
 Next, you can never go wrong with Mason Jars! They're so functional- from cups to flower vases! Decorating them is such a fun way to add a little spunk and personality to an every-day item! 
And, if it wasn't obvious that I love sparkles, how about clothespins? I've seen clothespins used as ways to hold up pictures or any other light items. But, the sparkling doesn't have to stop there, since I'm sure this technique could be used on bobby pins or binder clips. 

Like I said, I've never been much of a crafter. I'm honestly very surprised with myself that I even have a remote interest in doing these and a few other little things! But, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do when it comes to budget-smart decor. I have the instructions to these crafts and many more on my Pinterest.

Keep me updated on the cute decor crafts you do this summer! 

07 June 2013

Fun Find: Diamond Candles

So the last thing I needed was to find even more of a reason to buy more candles!

I stumbled upon this company, Diamond Candles, on Pinterest and was so intrigued by the caption: "Burn the candle and find a ring at the bottom valued at 10, 100, 1000, or 5000 dollars!". Of course, I didn't believe it but I followed the link and it's true! You can read all about the story of the company on the website, but it's so cool! I absolutely love unique yet functional products. This has definitely sucked me in. 

A candle AND jewelry? Can't beat it!

The first thing I thought of is how great are these for gifts?! They're $25- the perfect gift price. Everyone can use a candle, and they might get some payback or just some pretty jewelry at the end. If you buy two, you get free shipping. These are so awesome to stock up on and it looks like they have yummy scents (anywhere from floral to spice to food). 

I know where part of my next paycheck is going...


It's remarkable to me that I graduated one week ago today! 

This week has been so great. It's been spent with friends and family.. and my coworkers. If my summer continues like this, it's going to be a great one! But, I'm also getting excited for my future! Internships both close to home and far away, possibly an out-of-state education, and so much more has me so excited for these next 6 years of my life! I've grown up so fortunate and I hope that I'll continue to be as blessed in the future.

But, enough of this talk of the future! I'm ready to live in the here and now. The summer sun is shining,

and that's where you'll find me! 

05 June 2013

Wishlist Wednesday

I am adopting this trend from Hannah at the Pink and Green Prep.
It just always looks like a fun post and who doesn't have an ample amount of things on their wish list? I'm going to narrow my wants down, but here it goes!

Beauty: Tarte Glamazon LipStick
I saw these on SarahBelle's channel in YouTube and fell in love! First of all, I never have been one to stray from my trusty chapstick so the fact that I like a lipstick is a little crazy for me! But, these just look so fun and youthful while also allowing to dress up my makeup or play down my eyes in exchange for my lips. 

Clothes: Jack Rogers!
It's no secret that Jacks have been on my wishlist for quite a while. Now that it's summer, I've been working more. My next paycheck is definitely going towards some shiny new Jacks!

Books: Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style
Okay so I'm a little bit obsessed with the WASP, Ivy League lifestyle. This book has been on my wishlist (and in my Amazon cart) for quite some time. It looks so intriguing, but I don't really have a place for "coffee table books" so until then...
Accessories: Bows & Monograms!
So Etsy has got my monogram obsession even more... obsessive! There is every font and size you could ever want. And the bows. OMG the bows. 

Odds & Ends: Luke Bryan Tickets
Okay so Luke Bryan is on tour this summer with Florida Georgia Line. Basically the best concert ever, and this girl wants to go! Ticket prices are a little bit steep, but I might just go for it because this is going to be the concert of the summer- I can just feel it! 

 So I probably could have gone on and on with my wishlist. Having the extra cash plus graduation money just causes my wants to grow and grow... and grow! But, I'm really going to work on saving so that I can indulge a little bit in college. Eh, we'll see how that goes.

For now, here's to not breaking the bank!

04 June 2013

Summer: The Anti-Schedule

So far, summer has been exactly what I've needed. It's been a break from early mornings; my late nights are now spent with friends rather than homework. I've been working on regaining my tan as well as catching up on Netflix. The lack of schedule has been perfect!
I've always been an early riser, so the fact that I've been waking up around 9:30 is enough in itself to indicate just how exhausting this past school year has been. I love waking up to the sun shining and an open pool just waiting for me to come lay out by it. Of course, summer isn't all relaxing.
On top of work and getting ready for college, I've got a lot planned for this summer! Concerts are always a summer tradition. as are grad parties- and this year, I've been planning my graduation party! ahh! On top of that, there's the family vacation to the beach for a few days leading up to the family cruise in July! I seriously can't wait to get to the South again! This summer is going to be one to remember, and it sure will be a great one! Not having a set schedule kinda freaks me out, since that's what I live by,
 but I'm going to embrace the vacation and enjoy the days in the sunshine! 

03 June 2013

Going Greek

I'm so excited to get involved in college!

I want to do charities, ambassadors, maybe some sports, and so much more! Of course, going Greek is a huge option and Purdue has quite the greek life program. I'm a little nervous because my major is such a rigorous one, but it can't hurt to at least rush and see what it's all about! My mom was in a Chapter at Purdue, as was my aunt and great-grandma, so I've got some help in the legacy department :) I've also got friends and family friends who have been telling me all about greek life and making me so excited! 

Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Line is wonderful! 
There are 26 PHA Chapters at Purdue, and I've narrowed my top choices down to three or four. I have 3 relatives who are Pi Phi members, so there's a legacy there. Then I also have a Chi Omega
family member. Additionally, I really like Purdue's Delta Gamma and Kappa Gamma houses, reputations, and philanthropies.

Going away to college and being immersed in all kinds of opportunities is so exciting! I really can't wait to get there and get involved! I'm not sure that Greek life is going to work with my studies, but I think it's definitely a priority of mine and I want to make it work if nothing else! Also, I really just want an excuse to buy Lilly Pulitzer and Jack Rogers sorority items!