26 June 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: College Desk Edition

As lame as this sounds, I'm so excited to shop for my desk!

Just give me THIS.
Having a clean slate to work with is any neat-freak's dream! I get to organize however I want and decorate it for both looks and function. As I've stated before, I'm kinda on this lucite kick so don't be surprised when everything I want is lucite! 

Anyways, here's my wishlist for my desk:

1. Vertical File & File Folders
2. Glass Desk Pad (monogrammed?)
4. Book Ends
5. Inspiration board/ book
7. Plant (hydrangeas, please?)
8. Lamp

Kinda ridiculous for a college dorm, but I've been dreaming of having a desk for so long! I haven't had one for any of college and it's so hard to sit in the kitchen or on my bed to do my work; I had no set study place, which isn't good. So, while I have the chance, my desk is going to be beautiful!

For me, a desk is almost the most exciting part of moving into a dorm.