30 June 2013

Top 5: June 2013

I can't believe that one of my favorite months- June- has come and gone so quickly!

But, that means that I get to look back at the month and pick out my favorite things from that month. June has been a month that I've really enjoyed, from the bonfires to sleeping in to catching up with old friends. With graduation came graduation parties, gifts, and busy weekends. It's been quite a month and I have a few favorites that I'm ready to share from the month!

1. Lip Color
I've written a few posts about this new love of mine, and I've taken the multiple grad parties and bonfires to experiment daily vs. occasion wear for a variety of popular products and brands. On a daily basis, I really enjoy Burts Bees lip shimmers in Cherry and Rhubarb. I've posted about those before, but they typically are my go-to for everyday. If it's daytime but I've got plans that are a little more laid out than my normal daily plans, I really like Tarte LipSurgence in Pouty (as opposed to my initial Glamazon Lipstick). This color is just a bit darker than my natural tint, as well as shimmery and light. When it comes to actual lipstick, I go for Revlon colors. They're relatively inexpensive and are very moisturizing! All-in-all, I have really been enjoying lip colors this month! 

2. Kate Middleton
My love affair with Kate is no secret. But with her due date quickly approaching, the media has been going crazy about Kate and I'm so happy about that! Kate is an inspiration to many women, including myself. I love her classic wardrobe and her simplicity. She's so beautiful and graceful- enough to turn me into the ugly green monster. To keep me entertained, I've ordered three books about Kate... I may be a little bit obsessed, but I'm also very interested in the Royal Family in general. 

3. Stationery
Being a grad means that I've been getting a ridiculous amount of mail (and money!). While I'm very appreciative of this, I've been writing "Thank You" notes out the wazoo! I don't even want to know how much time I've spent writing letters, but each person deserves that time from me. Most of the people I received money from I've only known a few times, so I surely want them to know how much I appreciate their thoughts and support. Anyways, I find it a lot more fun to write thank you's when I've got cute stationery. I know there are all kinds of boutiques and expensive places to buy stationery, but I've really been drawn to the Mira Mi collection at Target... I have come home with new stationery the last few times I've gone to Target. I really love the options and they look much more expensive than they are!

4. Concerts
Summer is for late nights and loud music. There's not a lot to do around where I live, but there are plenty of concerts. Lawn tickets are between $30-100 and make for an awesome night! So far this summer I've only gone to two concerts, but there are about four more that I have planned after vacation. It's a guaranteed night of fun with all of your friends- what's to lose?

5. Tumblr
Okay I know that Tumblr is nothing new, but it is to me! I've loved Pinterest for a while for inspiration, but I've heard quite a lot about Tumblr lately. So, I decided to give it a try! I've had my Tumblr account for a while and I used it as a sort of "travel journal" while I was in Europe last fall. But it's not really made for that too much. I've been a bit confused with its function, but I think I'm getting the hang of it, and it's pretty fun! Here's my Tumblr.

So, June has come to an end. Luckily, July will be filled with equally as great adventures and experiences. It'll be full of firsts and lasts, hellos and goodbyes.

But, I'm ready for it! 
Goodbye June!