03 June 2013

Going Greek

I'm so excited to get involved in college!

I want to do charities, ambassadors, maybe some sports, and so much more! Of course, going Greek is a huge option and Purdue has quite the greek life program. I'm a little nervous because my major is such a rigorous one, but it can't hurt to at least rush and see what it's all about! My mom was in a Chapter at Purdue, as was my aunt and great-grandma, so I've got some help in the legacy department :) I've also got friends and family friends who have been telling me all about greek life and making me so excited! 

Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Line is wonderful! 
There are 26 PHA Chapters at Purdue, and I've narrowed my top choices down to three or four. I have 3 relatives who are Pi Phi members, so there's a legacy there. Then I also have a Chi Omega
family member. Additionally, I really like Purdue's Delta Gamma and Kappa Gamma houses, reputations, and philanthropies.

Going away to college and being immersed in all kinds of opportunities is so exciting! I really can't wait to get there and get involved! I'm not sure that Greek life is going to work with my studies, but I think it's definitely a priority of mine and I want to make it work if nothing else! Also, I really just want an excuse to buy Lilly Pulitzer and Jack Rogers sorority items!