15 June 2013

Southern State of Mind

I'm from the midwest, but I firmly believe that 
I was a fully-fledged Southern Belle in my other life.

I've thought and thought about my destiny to end up end the South and I've come up with a few reasons why I am truly, 100% always in a Southern State of Mind.

1. I automatically feel more at home below the Mason-Dixon Line
2. Big hair not only looks good- it holds the best secrets
3. Wearing a dress is a daily occasion
4. I want to be in the sun or by the ocean more than anything else in the world
5. My body runs on Sweet Tea, not water
6. The Civil War was really the War of Northern Aggression
7. "Roll Tide"
8. A Sorority is just that - a sisterhood - more than it is a change to get sloppy
9. Seersucker, pink & green, and nautical navy makes up at least 50% of my closet
10. I am 100% a hostess and have learned from the best- my mother.

Even though I'm not from the South, I hope and pray that I'll find a husband either from the South or willing to move that way. My dream is to have my kids address elders as "yes mam" and "yes sir", grow up with the SEC, and love the sunshine just as much as I do.

For now, though, I'll stay dreaming of the South.