17 June 2013

Experimenting: Lip Color

I've never been one to take huge risks when it comes to makeup.

As you have noticed from my "beauty must haves" and various "favorite" posts that I'm pretty basic when it comes to my makeup routine and the kind of makeup I use. I like a fresh, simple look in every aspect of my style- probably the reason I like navy so much and hardly ever use product or heat on my hair. I've been blessed with good features that tend to work on their own, so why mess with it? 

Well, one thing I was blessed with were very full lips and big teeth. With the help of braces, my smile has become one of my favorite features and one that receives a lot of compliments. It came to my attention that playing with the color of my lips (subtlety, of course! No blue or white or anything crazy) may help make my look complete while drawing attention to a favorite feature. So, on graduation- of all nights!- I decided to go out and buy some fun bright pink lipstick.
the life-changing night

Contrary to every previous experience with lip loss, stick or stain, I actually liked it! It was fun! I liked the way my lips and whole face looked with it. I felt confident; like a new graduate, I was a new woman! It was so crazy to me that I was looking forward to going back and buying additional, more neutral colors. I ended up picking up the Burts Bees lip color that is a little more red than my natural color that I can use for every-day wear. My next splurge is definitely going to be on a Tarte lipstick... or two. 

Have you tried anything lately that you've absolutely loved?