10 May 2013

Oh, Gatsby!

It's finally the day: the release of the Great Gatsby film!
When you read this, I will be watching the movie (midnight release, yes!)

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of this all is that the media is embracing 
such a fantastic work of literature!

From the NYT's special featuring various forms of cover art to the movie soundtrack, this movie has been made into such a big deal! But, with Tobey Maguire and Leo DeCaprio, how can we not obsess? The time period, the fantasy life, and the actors- they're all lust worthy!

While the book is always better than the movie, in my opinion, I'm oh so excited to escape into the world of Gatsby that I haven't entered since the first time I read the book.

The anticipation is almost unbearable!

p.s. this Kate Spade clutch is to die for!