20 May 2013

Bittersweet Final Days

via Instagram

Today marks the final Monday that I have to wake up for high school and only 8 remaining days until graduation. It's really starting to hit me that my youth is coming to an end, in a way. Of course, college will still be fun and I'm not looking to grow up quickly by any means. But I will be essentially on my own- a big change for a girl who always has mom and dad there to fix any problems. Also, I've never been away from my family like I will be and it's all getting kind of scary!

I'm really starting to realize what graduation means.

No more 8 hour days in the same building. New people. Intelligent people! New friends. No more being watched over. More hard work. So much to do in so little time.

As exciting as the end is, it's bittersweet. 
So, for now, I'm enjoying my time at home (and in school) knowing that I'll be gone in a few short months.