31 May 2013

Top 5: May 2013

Another month has come and passed and it is finally summer!
Today is graduation and tomorrow begins grad party madness! The slowing down of school along with me just not caring as much anymore has led to me getting into all kinds of cool, random things! I'm sorry if this "Top 5" post seems random. It probably is!

5. YouTube Beauty/ Lifestyle Videos
So, instead of watching a tv show or movie, I've been really into watching YouTube videos. I feel like I learn such awesome tips about beauty and just life from them! Some of my favorites include Sarah Belle, Bethany, and of course Carly! I'm not sure what makes them so entertaining, but I'm not the only one who does this because all of these ladies have millions of views!

4. Etsy!
Hello, online shopping addiction! I'd heard of etsy before and had been on their website, but I'd never really spent any amount of time on it. Let me just tell you, their monogram selection is wonderful! I've been looking for stickers and desk supplies for college, and the selection and prices on etsy are awesome. I haven't made an order yet, but I'm sure I will soon. 

3. Colored Lip Stuff
I said "stuff" because it varies from lipstick, to gloss, to balm. With less focus on my face and eyes in my summer makeup routine, fun lips are an easy way to brighten up my face without looking too overdone! I still haven't gotten into the lipstick on a daily basis, but I'm loving Baby Lips in Pink for day-to-day funness! 

2. The New Lilly Agendas
A "Top 5" wouldn't be complete without some Lilly! When the new agendas were released, I think I might have cried. They're so so so adorable! I am in love with the Tusk in Sun print (unfortunately, it ships after I leave for college so I'm not sure about that) as well as LuLu and Let's Cha Cha. Can I buy all 3? No seriously. I almost can't wait for school to be in session so that I can use one of them! The hard part is going to be deciding which one to get.

1. Acrylic Desk Accessories
I know... kindof a weird #1 for the month. But I've become obsessed. From Design Darling's Acrylic and monogrammed Collection to Etsy and the Container Store, I can't wait to be all decked out in acrylic accessories! It's a bit retro, but I'm also a fan of clean lines and classy-but-still-functional furniture. 

I warned you that this list was going to be random and weird! I've done a lot of dorm and college shopping, which is probably why these are my favorites for the month. 

Hopefully June will be more exciting!