11 December 2014

My Favorite Pins

It's dead week here at Purdue... which really should be called "I'm dead" week.
But in all honesty, I haven't been all that busy since I've gotten back from Thanksgiving break. Classes have been winding down and I've only been studying a couple hours a day for finals. With all this free time plus study breaks, I've been spending more time on Pinterest.

I thought it'd be fun to share a few of my favorite pins I've come across lately. Hopefully you'll like them,and pin them yourself! If nothing else, they'll surely get you in the holiday mood :)

I'm always looking for yummy, festive recipes. We were loving peppermint bark over Thanksgiving, so I thought this might be a winning recipe in my family... I'll let you know how it goes!

Parisian Chic from Vogue. Because I'm always looking for cute outfit inspiration with pieces that can be found in pretty much any closet. Who knew black with a mini skirt could be so chic?

So I need these booties. I saw these on Nordstrom's website back in October and they've lasted the "wait and see" test. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be on sale or, at the very least, still available in my size after Christmas. They're not cheap but I'm been wearing my two year old booties multiple times a week lately, and these are just so gorgeous... I've always been a shoe girl. 

Besides the fact that I can't believe I just found out about WhoWhatWear, I came across this list of 35 quotes and oh. my. gosh. I've said before that words have this effect on me... I don't get it but the right words or quote can completely change my perspective. I loved this one by Anna Wintour... especially because I have been making quite a few decisions lately. 

Holiday party attire... this just screams holidays and I love it so much. 
If I had this dress, I don't think I'd ever take it off. 

So, I'm going to get back to studying and get off Pinterest now! You can follow along here
Thanks for reading! 

09 December 2014

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn keeps popping up in my life recently, which is so random but I'm certainly not complaining! When I was home for Thanksgiving, we made a few trips to the mall and so my mom and I took some time to get lost walk around. Furniture stores used to be forms of punishment at the mall so it's so funny to me that I could probably spend an hour in one section now. I guess that's the price of growing up...

If nothing else, I like to just look at the displays. I'm fascinated with presentation of furniture and odds and ends, just because I don't think I could really "stage" anything very well. I'll stop rambling now and just share the pictures I took that make me want to just move into the showroom.

are the notebooks and coffee table books included?

I said that PB has been popping up in my life and that's no joke! When I came back to school, I overheard a couple girls talking about Pinterest and how they love following Pottery Barn. Okay, so 1) why I have yet to follow PB (I now follow them and you should too!) and 2) I don't have the adequate time needed to look at every. single. pin. So that will be a winter break task, I suppose. I seriously feel like a 30 year old woman when I walk through these stores and think about furnishing a house, but a girl's gotta dream! 
Side note, I didn't take this picture but don't you just want every single one of these blankets? Yeah, me too! 

04 December 2014

Books, Books, Books

Words have always been a source of peace for me. 
From the minute I could read, I've had a book in my hand and two more (at least) at home waiting to be cracked open.  The same goes for music. I appreciate great lyrics, whether "great" refers to witty or thought-provoking or both.. although forgive me for my love of sugary pop melodies on occasion. Maybe it's an introvert thing- getting lost in the words and thoughts of others- or maybe it's just a Sarah thing. Whatever it is, there's hardly anything that moves me like words. 

To that point, and the fact that Christmas is coming up, I wanted to share a few of my favorite books and a few that are on my "to-read" list...

Okay number one is the American Girl book... I can't remember which year I got this as a gift but it has got to be one of the best gifts I got as a kid. It has all the original Christmas stories in a single book. It embodies Christmas for me and will surely be something I read to my kids. If you don't own it, I'd highly recommend you make the purchase! 

Currently Reading: the Goldfinch
Next "To-Read": How to be Parisian Wherever You Are

Extended "To Read":
Anna Karenina
the Silkworm
The End of Fashion
The Gospel According to Coco Chanel
The Woman I Wanted to Be
Decision Points

See? And my list will continue to grow. Some may find a long list overwhelming, but I find it calming and exciting to be able to look forward to hearing from so many authors and characters. There's nothing more enchanting that I long list of books and a very cold winter forecast forcing me to stay inside and read. 

02 December 2014

Posh Thanksgiving

I channelled my inner Blair this Thanksgiving and wore classics with a pop of color. We didn't really do anything big- just lunch with family and then hanging out at my aunt and uncle's house. Regardless, I love the opportunity to dress up and take pictures... and eat a lot :) Big thanks to my sister, the resident photographer while I'm at home. Hope y'all had a happy holiday weekend! 

p.s. how cute is this fruit turkey? My dad did this all on
his own... what a guy.