21 August 2013

Wish List Wednesday

It's been a few weeks since I did a post like this... And in the case that I have any readers who really, really love me, I've gotta keep them coming. Right?

That's my rationalization, anyways.

I'll get right to it!

Okay, please excuse the picture quality (lol but not really). So I've had this slight obsession with leopard print for the last year or so. It's such a classy print that livens up any outfit and looks awesome with fall and winter colors. It does the impossible of making black and brown work together, and this bracelet would look fabulous around my wrist.

It's every preppy girl's dream to have a Lilly Jeep. 
In general, I think a Jeep would be an absolute blast to drive around in. The top off, the salty air blowing through my hair. There wouldn't be a care in the world in this car. The only sad part is that it's very rare for someone to personally own one of these beauts. In the case that you do, and you'd like to get rid of it, I'm your girl. 

While I love this Kate Spade watch, I'm wishing for time more than anything. I'm not wishing for more hours in the day or more years to my life. I'm wishing for time to slow down when it comes time for me to relax. I don't mind one bit the speed at which time moves when I'm busy and productive. What I do mind is the fact that time seems to blow by 10x faster the minute I sit down with a good book or for a phone call with my Grandma. All I want is more relaxation time- more time to laugh and smile and not have an agenda. That'd be great.

Okay so the big, tangible wish list item now is this Tory Burch Tote. It's beautiful and elegant. I love the slight color that is still subdued enough for the winter. It's magnificent. And if it isn't on my shoulder by Christmas, I hope Santa and his Elves leave it under the tree for me :)

Jack Rogers. Tortoise Shell.
If we're being honest, there's nothing more that needs to be said here. Unfortunately, I could never pay $148 for a pair of shoes that I will never wear. Here in the midwest, fall is definitely not sandal weather. And I don't think they'd work for any other season. Also, I'm living on a college girl budget. So until I'm working and vacationing to Palm Beach in the winter, these will have to remain on my wish list...

Wish, wish, wish. That's a girl's job. And while I don't like the fact that I can almost always think of 3-5 things that I want, I think that (if nothing else) this is a fun series of posts that I can look back at and remember the types of things I was into at various times of my life. But, if I ever want to be able to afford these Wish List items, I need to get back to the books and make a living on my own.