18 August 2013


Can I just say that I am pleased to find that chivalry is not dead!

This past week of being at school (and yes, today marks 1 week!) I've met so many fantastic people. I've definitely stepped out of my comfort zone and opened up- just trusting that people will love me for me! It's been awesome to learn about all different kinds of interests while also finding out that others share some of my weird habits and obsessions... although people still think I'm crazy when I sit on the floor all the time.


Of course, I've had fun meeting boys, too! I love that I can have intelligent conversations with guys and they actually enjoy my presence! It might be partially because the guys are just trying to impress the girls, but I've noticed a stunning level of chivalry on the Purdue campus.

They may be no Prince William, but there have been plenty of doors held for me and plenty of offers to help me set up my cable and wifi. The most impressive though?
I had a young man insist on walking closest to the street as we walked together.

My mind was blown & my heart was a-flutter. I doubt this activity will last long, but if any of you Purdue men are reading this right now, please keep it up!

your PurduePrep 
and every other girl on campus