27 August 2013

Fall Fashion Favorites

...anyone who said I wasn't good at alliteration is lying :)

Anyways, regardless of how anti-fall the weather has been lately, I think that everyone is ready for fall. From the colorful trees to the crisp air to the football. I love hot apple cider and going to the apple orchard. I love that my birthday is in October. I love Thanksgiving and bonfires and scarves. 
I love everything about fall, really. 
I think that Indiana is it's prettiest in the fall. I think that fashion is at it's peak in fall. I seriously can't wait to bring out my Burberry scarves and my riding boots. I love wearing dresses with tights and booties. I could go on and on about what makes me excited for fall. But, being the girl that I am- the fashion stands out. Designers love fall. The colors are so much fun and I think that everyone can make a fashionable, classy fall wardrobe no matter what their budget. 

I've thrown together all of my favorite designer looks this fall and put them into one huge collage-
inspiration for you and me!

Get Dressed Up!
- PurduePrep