31 August 2013

Top 5: August 2013

It's crazy to think that today is the final day of August! 
I've been looking forward to this month of change for so long. College, new friends, new habits, so much has happened this month. It's all for the better, though. I think I've adjusted to independence and college life well! Recruitment is going great (bid night is Tuesday! eeee!), my roommate and I are a perfect match, I haven't ruined any laundry, and I've stayed on top of my studies. Not easy at all, but all this change has led to some favorites that I'd never expect to love. 

Let's re-cap my favorites of this month:


5. Mio Energy
This stuff has been my life saver! I've been trying to drink more water, but just plain water doesn't do for me what coffee or tea does- I still drink both in my dorm room. When I'm out on campus, these mio bottles are really easy to carry around and add to my drinks. They make water a little more tasty, and I don't feel like I want to go to Starbucks when I have Peach Tea water. Yum!

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4. Reading.
Okay I know I've said that I love to read before and you're probably thinking that this can't be a new favorite of mine. But, trust me, I've come to appreciate my books so much more these past weeks. They are the ultimate "unwind" material. They give me a break from the textbooks without feeling guilty, and I'm loving branching out and reading all different kinds of books.

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3. Campus!
Purdue is seriously like a little town of it's own. Actually, it is. West Lafayette isn't really a very hoppin place if school isn't in session. It's definitely a college town.. but it feels like it's own little city. There are tall buildings, housing options, restaurants- the normal stuff you'd see on college campuses around the world. But then there's the Purdue stuff that makes it a little different. Because we have an Aeronautical Engineering major, we have our own Airport! We have no less than 5 beautiful fountains. And, my personal favorite, all of the malls around! Not the shopping kind, but the green, grassy, park-like malls. I love to sit under and tree and just imagine that I'm in Central Park.

2. Twitter

 As you may have noticed, this blog now has an anonymous and official "PurduePrep" writer. Well, along with that, there's a twitter. PurduePrep is no longer only on the internet. Keep up with my preppy life wherever you are by following @PurduePrep!

1. New Friends
Okay so I'm not the most... outgoing person. I'm not shy, but I'm an introvert. I enjoy time alone and don't really mind that I don't constantly have people around me. Usually. But, since I've moved to school, I've been trying to embrace the abundance of people. There are always kids to study with, workout with, go to the bookstore with, or just to sit with. The girls on my floor are awesome. My professors are approachable- I even went to lunch with one this past week! Recruitment has introduced me to new people and lots of girls, something I lacked at home.

College so far has been treating me well. While I'm sad to see summer go, having August over with allows me to breathe a sigh of relief. I made it through my first 3 weeks at school and I have so much to look forward to in September-

football, going home, and the coming of the best season!