20 August 2013

Smooth Sailing

Back to school this and back to school that.
I'm a student and all I can think about is this new world of college, yet the virtual universe's obsession with all things "back to school" is a little much.

Don't get me wrong, I will be making more back to school posts.

But, today is different. Today is just a day where I'm identifying with every other person on the face of the earth as they go through daily struggles. Each person deals with adversity in a different way. For me, it's usually cliche quotes, music, or my Bible. When those "self help" remedies don't work, I head straight to my mom and dad. However it is that you deal with adversity in your life, one quote that always resonates with me is that "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor". 

I love it because it's one of the only cliche quotes that I can't argue with. We've all been told that we learn from our mistakes and that getting knocked down makes us stronger once we stand back up... yeah all that. And that's great! But we've also been told that "practice makes perfect". This quote brings the best of the best together-

If we experience repeated adversity, we become experts on the topic of life.

So, regardless of how different our struggles are, remember that you are being trained by God to be the best of the best... That's what gets me through.