30 September 2013

Look to the Stars

I have never been one to follow my horoscope.

I've had friends who base their days on their "daily forecast", making decisions based on what some random app tells them. But, now that my sign is in full effect and my life is going a little bit crazier than normal, I've been enjoying reading these silly little excerpts. And, as much as I try to tell myself that they're all written so vaguely that they can't really pertain to me, it's hard to deny the fact that for some reason they're scarily accurate.

I find it fascinating.
I'm a Libra so this is my time. When I was younger, I'd read them to see which famous person I matched up with or to see if my crush had a "compatible" sign. That's the least of my worries at this point, as I've been reading my daily horoscopes telling me repeatedly that I am going through internal disquiet and disheartening obstacles- neither of which I typically go through. In addition, my horoscope for this coming month tells me to "Explore my heart's desire... no boundary is too difficult to cross". The accuracy and ability to read into what's going on for me now is too much to skip out on.

how fun is this?!
I've been following my horoscope in the Vogue Daily section of the website, and I find it so fun! Regardless of if it's accurate or not I like to have a place to blame anything crazy that happens. Especially in this crazy, tumultuous time of my life, it's nice to have something to read and tell me that everything is going to work out. Maybe I'm crazy... I'm starting to honestly feel that way lately. Reading my 'Scope has confirmed that, but it's also given me some reasons. 
Hopefully I'll be getting back some normalcy in my life.

29 September 2013

Dream Big? ... Or Realistically?

Is a mid-life crisis at 18 a real thing?

If so, I think I'm experiencing it. 
If you follow my Twitter, you probably had a feeling something like this would come up eventually. (and, if you don't follow my Twitter, what are you doing? @PurduePrep ) I've mentioned feeling lost, overwhelmed, and even changing my major. I know, I know. This is normal for students to re-think things about this time. Everyone changes their major. But that's not who I am. I'm known as the put-together one. The girl who has everything planned out and has a brilliant future set up.

But then good ole reality hit me. In the face.

I was sitting in biology lecture one day during London Fashion Week and spent more of that lecture following the events than my professor. Okay, so that might be normal for a teenage girl. But I was taking notes. Notes for a post. For this blog. I then realized that I write thoughts and ideas for the blog all over my class notes. I wake up early to watch the Today show and read the news. I don't go out of my way to work on things for Pharmacy. I don't get thrilled at the idea of job exploration or making connections or going to Pharmacy events. And that was the moment that my whole world flipped. 

Is Pharmacy really for me? I have a lot riding on this education. I'm the pride of my parents and family. Everyone is so proud and is on my side. They believe in my success and my goals... in Pharmacy. But I'm not sure it'll be that way if my major changes... majorly. This education offers me job security and benefits, I'm good at it, and it's certainly worth my parents' money. It's a realistic, boring profession that I fit into. But I don't feel that it fits for me. Of course, me being me, I've been researching and planning for my possible intended major. There's no way I would change if there was a chance that I wasn't sure- and I'm still not sure. But here's what I'm thinking

1. Job Market and Benefits vs.
fun, exciting, and risky
Pharmacy is obviously a very competitive, lucrative career path. It comes with a job market, benefits, and a growing number of responsibilities. In the 8 weeks I've been here, I've found it to be extremely time consuming and hard! All I do is study! And it's not that I have a problem with studying, but the subject matter isn't exactly my favorite thing. I'm very much the calm, collected person. But, for once, I want to do something fun! Taking risks and enjoying life is what we are on this Earth for. I'm not saying that I wouldn't be happy in Pharmacy, but I think that taking a risk for something that I find more engaging would be a greater fulfillment.

2. Do what I love or what I'm good at?
There's no doubt in my mind that I'm good at the subject matter required for Pharmacy. For some reason, chemistry and biology just clicks. But it isn't what I love. At first, I was embarrassed about having a blog, loving to write, and being interested in fashion. I used to hide my fashion magazines and only write posts in my room alone. I thought I was horrible at writing- in fact, I still think I am. I spend so much time pre-writing and planning for each post but I still think that they come out worse than expected. I feel as if I've improved, but I'm nowhere close to where I'd like to be. Regardless of that, I brought my blog into the light. I showed LEM and some girlfriends, and they've given me so many positive words of encouragement that I love. The consistent comment I've gotten is that I really seem passionate about the blog and the subjects I write about- which is 100% true! While I know I have room for improvement, writing and "reporting" is something that I love. So I give that up for something I'm good at?

3. Money
It's all about the money. As much as I try not to be an extreme materialist, our world is very much a materialistic one. Money and income is important, as is making sure that purchases are valuable. I'm blessed enough to have a family who loves and supports me in my higher education and is willing to pay for it. That being said, I don't want to disappoint them after they give me so much. I don't want them to think that I'm wasting this fantastic gift or taking advantage of them. The more I think about it, the more I think about how much importance I put on pleasing them and making them proud. But, doing what they think I want to just turn around and wish I didn't have to do it is worse than confronting the problem now.

I may seem vague and unorganized at this point, but that's because I am. In every aspect of my life I feel like a mess- something completely foreign to me. It all comes down to these three subjects and some conversations with my parents and advisors. I really don't know where I'll be in a year or even in a month. But, whatever life brings me, I want to be prepared and informed. Who knows what I'll pick, but just for the record...

I'm leaning towards my dream.

28 September 2013

Girl On A Budget: PiperLime

You know those ads that you repeatedly see but never really look at?

Well that was PiperLime for me. I'd seen the ads in Vogue and Elle over an over again, always making a mental note to check it out. The other day I was absent-mindedly flipping through the October Vogue, saw the ad, and thought "no more mental notes!" I grabbed my computer and checked it out, and oh how I wish I'd done so sooner!

If you're like me and have no clue what PiperLime is, get ready! It's in the Gap/ Old Navy franchise, but so much better! They use both high-end and budget-friendly brands to get similar looks, of which you can pick how much you want to spend. It's the ultimate "save vs. splurge" opportunity, but I love it. There are pieces from Kate Spade to Nine West to Free People. It's like a more organized H&M or Forever 21... with better quality offerings. 

There's even a section titled Girl on a Budget.
That speaks right to my little college-girl heart. I have yet to make any purchases (again with those college-girl struggles), so I can't speak for service. But I'm loving their selection and variety! I'm thinking an order will be made in the near future...

Check out PiperLime

27 September 2013

Currently Loving...

I'm absolutely loving life right now! School is great, LEM is coming tonight, and I'm just discovering so many cool things through meeting people and hearing about new things. My roommate loves nail polish, so I've been spending too much on nail polish. I'm loving fall colors like green and navy!
 (okay I love green and navy all the time...)

As always, style is a way of life. I'm learning so much through my style and design news on Flipboard and my new magazine subscriptions: Vogue and Elle! Outside of the classroom I'm basically the opposite of my major, and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing...
check back Sunday for more on that whole issue. 
Something about the season and the dress just turns me into this whole new person. I love being outside and I imagine myself in a movie, playing my own personal "soundtrack" as I walk to class. I haven't really gotten into new music, but I'm just re-discovering some old favorites. From Miley to Coldplay, my music taste is always varying and random. I tend to like music that is thought provoking, but college has made me like this nasty club music that I'm not necessarily proud of. But hey, it's college right?

So I give you, my currents...

Currently On The Nails:

 Essie. Once I find a brand that works for me, I tend to stick with it. Essie has so many shades and they're so youthful and fun! This fall, I'm loving Stylenomics, After School Boy Blazer, Penny Talk, and The Lace is On. I'd put them all on at once if I could, but I try to avoid the tacky at all costs. I just change them out all the time. 
I've got a mani/pedi waiting for me in a couple of weeks- perfect! 

Currently On My Body:
Longchamp. Ball Cap. Lotion. Vest. Scarf.
Can't go wrong with any of these. My Longchamp has been my best friend. I own two.. hopefully a third in the near future. Usually I would hate the lack of compartmentalization, but I love being able to throw anything and everything in there and get on my way. It makes switching from one color to the other to my backpack and back again a breeze (and trust me, that happens more than it needs to). 
I've almost always got a cap and scarf with me, tucked away in my Longchamp, of course! The wind and my lack of tolerance for my hair often results in a pony and cap by the end of the day. And the scarves? They're actually used more in class than outside. Purdue must still think it's 100 degrees out because the classrooms are frigid!!! My go-to scarf is always Burberry- they're big enough to cover as a "blanket" in class but can be styled so many ways on my neck, too! 
My Lotion is a must for the cool weather. I've been blessed with this wonderful Northern-European heritage in which my skin becomes dry and cracked in the cold. A moisturizer is always good; usually I'm not one for scents, but Bath and Body Works drew me in with their $5 full-size products and I had to get the Aspen Caramel Woods, which is the epitome of fall and has garnered more compliments than expected
wow! That smells just like fall. Yes, I know, isn't it wonderful?

Currently On Repeat:

Like I said, my music choice has gotten... just weird. Starting with One Direction, I am shamelessly a fan. I took my sister and cousins to their concert this summer and left thinking "That was a good show, the songs are fun, and the guys are very  good looking." And there you have it. They're broadening their audience by doing the Today show, their movie, and making unexpected appearances (Harry at #LFW?) but there are no complaints from this girl. I've been loving the mix of upbeat and thought-provoking songs. They're a fun bunch of guys and I'll proudly support them!
Not a Fan? I still suggest you check out Harry Styles' "Don't Let Me Go" on Youtube

Okay, so Lorde has taken the world by storm. I only have Royals, but I've listened to the other songs and they're so catchy, but with a melancholy feel- it's odd for music, but it's been growing on me! (and the fact that she mentions "Queen B" just means I have to love her) Talk about odd music tastes- Miley Cyrus is getting a little weird. I don't endorse twerking, nudity, or basically anything she's been up to lately, but I love a song that can bring out emotions. Wrecking Ball does that beautifully. If you just forget about the provocative, creepy video, the song is pretty great.
Check out Lorde's Royals

Coldplay and OneRepublic have been favorites of mine for as long as I can remember. They're like the style in a world of fashion. Through all the changing music and new artists, I can always go back to their albums and enjoy them like the first time. Both artists are truly artists, from the lyrics to the music, and I appreciate that so much. The changes they've made to the sound have only been for the better and I think I'd probably die if they did a song together. Like flat out, on the ground. Probably from hyperventilation. 
Check out Amsterdam by Coldplay and Can't Stop by OneRepublic

What are you Currently Loving?

26 September 2013

Evolution of Burberry

From the 70's, yet so classy

A Beckham in Burberry- could it get
any more British, or fantastic?

The Emma Watson Era

The next Face of Burberry? I can see it. 
If this tells you nothing more, Burberry has remained a classic. As Harry Styles said at this year's LFW, "[Burberry is] Just understated cool" and that's exactly right. I am in love with the British luxury brand and would have a closet full if my bank account could afford it! 

I just absolutely love the old ads!

25 September 2013

Travel While You're Young

Flipboard has led me to so many fantastic articles.

My favorite so far has been by Adam London, who wrote about traveling. It was the first time I've read something that really supported my same feelings on travel. I'm used to going to the news to learn, but to leave feeling more sure of myself... that was something different. 

I sometimes get judged for my experiences from traveling- people treat me as if I'm stuck up or "rich". But I love the emphasis in the article about how it doesn't take a fortune to see the world. Youth is about new experiences and a foundation for the rest of your life, and I couldn't picture a better way to do so. Especially with how connected to world has become, there really is no excuse for not traveling.

Excuse #1 that I hate
"It's too expensive" I read another article about how hostels are becoming the new place to stay. Business men are catching on to the low-budget way of traveling. As a student, I've taken trips with friends and stayed in hostels. Yes, it was odd at first, but then you meet people in the common areas and it's like Welcome Week at school all over again! The ability to connect and have experiences with young people everywhere is what draws me to this option... and the price tag helps.

Additionally, traveling outside the US is a breeze with public transportation. It takes far less time to travel from city to city or country to country and there are so many options on how to do so. Trains, planes, and automobiles (but really). You could even go by foot or hitch-hike. I know it sounds crazy here, but it's really not that uncommon in other countries. Plus, it's never fun without a little adrenaline rush... just no Taken re-enactment's, please.

Besides that, it's fun.
Nobody likes to sit around and do nothing their whole life. Even people like me, who enjoy their solitude and down time, can find fun in traveling. There are museums and churches and cultures to explore! The shopping is always fun, and I am guilty of sitting and people-watching. Sue me, it's interesting! 

The final line of Adam London's article says

Small Paychecks, Big Memories

and that is so incredibly right. It's the epitome of how traveling and youth should be. I, the biggest shopper you know, am willing to forgo buying new clothes if it means saving for a trip overseas... or anywhere. And, like I said, once you're there it doesn't have to be expensive. Buy that plane ticket and you're so set! So this only begs one question-

when are we going? 

22 September 2013

Top 5 iPhone Apps

With every iOS update comes a time to re-evaluate the apps on my phone.
It's a simple process- I go back through and think about the apps that I use on a daily basis and keep those. Any others, I delete. I don't worry about deleting them because Apple has made it so incredibly easy to hop on the App Store and re-download it in a pinch. And looking at a crowded home screen gives me anxiety, so delete-spree it is! 

So, here is my actual home screen post-cleanse. Yes, I only have one screen and I don't plan to get many more than that. The bottom row of apps houses my most commonly used apps, since they're easiest for my thumb to reach while cradling my phone in my hand. Anything involving typing or two hands I put in folders. It's really a very complex, thought out process. But it works and so I will accept that I might be crazy. Putting apps like Facebook and Twitter aside, I've narrowed my favorites down to a top 4 most frequented apps:

Flipboard gives you news you want in a simple, attractive format. I love that it allows me to bypass the humongous papers with lots of information that I don't want or need. The app compiles the types of news stories that I've chosen and it puts them in a magazine or flip-book format in which I can quickly read the articles, get what I need, and get done. If I want more information, I must only search a little harder. I find it extremely beneficial since I'm at college in what they call the "bubble". After only a couple of weeks at school I felt alienated from the current world, so I went on the hunt for a news app that would work to keep me updated without me having to search Google every morning for the headlines. Flipboard does a perfect job.

Pandora. It's been on my favorites list since the first day of having a smart phone. iOS7 tries to compete with the app with their iTunes Radio, but they don't quite get it. There are aspects of the Radio that I do like more than their Pandora counterparts, but Pandora is still winning out. I already have my stations and they know what I like. I also use Pandora on my computer and I have yet to update iTunes on my computer so it's still the universal music player for me. Spotify, on the other hand, has seen its final days on my phone.

Oyster is a tech startup that I am loving! I'm already reading the books and loving that I can pull up any book I want at any time. With the mornings being chillier, I've been taking the bus into campus and I love to get my seat and read a chapter or two. I can imagine that this app is going to get a lot of use from me, and at $9.95 a month I'd recommend it to anyone!

I use the Nike + Running app for... well, running. There's not much explanation needed other than the fact that it's changed so much in the last year and has become my #1 choice in running apps. I used to have 3 others but they were all deleted in this app. When it comes to workout gear, I'm a Nike girl all the way so I've been loving the challenges and developments they've made to the app.

Banking. So this isn't on my home page, but it is 100% necessary and used daily. I track my spending and saving here as well as budget for nights out, etc. I use the ELFCU app, just because that's the credit union I use. Most banks and unions have apps now and they're fantastic for checking your account on the go or cashing checks without waiting in line at the bank. 

Each person has their own group of apps that they love or use on a daily basis, and it's 100% dependent on your schedule and place in life. I'm not one of those people who is glued to my phone, but I like to have the technology right at my fingertips and it's extremely convenient to have everything organized and easy to find. If you're planning to "cleanse" your phone or home screen, one magnificent video I've run across shows you how to hide your apps- perfect for that Stocks app that you've never opened or the apps that you just don't want everyone getting into. They're still 100% accessible through your Spotlight Search, but don't have an actual icon. Perfect, right?

What are your favorite apps?

20 September 2013

College Morning Routine

I've been at school for 6 weeks now- crazy, I know- and 
I'd like to think that I'm adjusting well.
I've experienced my first round of exams and meetings. I've found a few clubs to love and a [more than] a few friends, too! The work load is crazy. I'm always busy, but I'm loving it! One aspect of life that really suggests that I'm adjusted is my morning routine.

I love waking up earlier than I need to in order to get things done. 
At home, I'd get up in time to make breakfast and get to school in enough time to get a good parking spot. College is... different.

In college, I get up in time to watch my beloved Today Show. I make a cup of tea or coffee, get my blanket and pillow, and wake up in the most peaceful way I can imagine. Depending on when I need to get to class, I can watch more or less. Some days I have it on while getting ready and peak around to the tv when something catches my... ear. 

College has been one huge adjustment. 
For me, it was all about finding my routine. I like having things planned and having a general schedule, but I really love being able to make my own schedule. It's made college feel a lot more like home and having that "waking up" time in the morning to mentally prepare for my day is sacred. Finding this little bit of time (even if it means sacrificing sleep) has been so wonderful for me. 

I love waking up with Today!
How do you wake up?

19 September 2013

Smoking Slippers

I have long been on the hut for the perfect pair of loafers or smoking slippers.

I've looked everywhere- online, department stores, boutiques. You name it, I've looked. Of course I've found some perfect ones... that conveniently cost $300. I love shoes, but I've never owned a pair of shoes like this before. All I know is the vision that I have in my head of how they should look, and all that I find in my price range look cheap. 

I guess that's the problem, though. Smoking slippers aren't the typical person's choice of shoe. They're a luxury. So now my choice is to either settle with the price tag or not having them. My intensive searching and the welcoming of the fall season has proven to find a few pairs that I really am loving. Whether you're like me and want to save or have the money to splurge (I am jealous!), I've found a promising selection.

Have you caught on to what style I'm loving this fall? Yep. Tory Burch everything. But seriously, they're a "splurge" but none of the pairs I have here are over $300, so even that's doable... or would be if I wasn't in college and still had a job. I was really surprised at the selection Nordstrom has, and the Jack Rogers really surprised me, as well! Sperrys are great for all year and I love the cute bird. But I might just have to save up my monthly allowances for a pair of the Tory Burch flats- they're just too perfect! 

Are you liking the splurge or the save?

18 September 2013

Kate Spade Surprise Sale!

Who doesn't love a sale?

I was delighted to wake up to that coveted e-mail. 
Even better, I just got an A on a couple of exams- I could justify treating myself! The entire sale is fantastic and I could have bought thousands of dollars worth of bags and jewelry! But, I was able to contain my spending and ended up with a wallet (which I have desperately been needing!) and some earrings.

Cute, right? I have been wanting a new wallet and a good pair of pearl earrings. Getting both for a little over $100 was wonderful! Of course, being the queen of bags, I was this close to buying a bag... or two. The only thing stopping me was that I just bought a Dooney & Bourke a couple of months ago and I had asked my mom for a new bag for my birthday. My dorm closet is only so big and I know I'll want them all at school. 

Plus, this way I can save for when the Beau Bag is on sale. I am in love.
of course, I want the one that Mackenzie has

Here are a few of my favorites from the sale

If you like something, act quick! The two bags I was looking at this morning are already gone. 
And make sure to update me on your purchases!

the Perfect Fall Outfit

I woke up and checked the weather: 53 degrees.
fall has arrived.

And I couldn't be happier. Obviously, I've been anticipating this for a while. 
Saturday at the football game I wore jeans and a nike half zip- that was the first sign. 
Then today I woke up and just knew. There was that feeling of fall in the air and the smell of pumpkin spice latte's coming from every Starbucks cup. I love fall clothes and weather and everything,
  as I'm sure you know by now.

But something crazy happens in the fall. Mondays get... better. Getting ready becomes more fun.  The food becomes yummier. And the coffee.. oh the coffee shines in the fall. I was so excited to pull out my leggings and tunics and riding boots! My wardrobe is rally very simple- jeans/leggings, a button down or sweater, and boots. Accessorize with scarves, jewelry, and hats and you could wear the same outfit two days in a row but look completely different!

In the spirit of this wonderful season, I've given you my go-to outfit:

I basically live in this outfit. Maybe with a button down layered under the sweater on a cooler day or dark wash jeans to feel a little more put together. I like to switch up my Longchamps depending on the day and my outfits (I have 3 different colors!), as do I enjoy changing my iPhone case. But fall is about cute but warm clothing, and this tends to do it for me!

What is your fall go-to?

17 September 2013


Is there ever a wrong time to travel?


The answer is always no. And with New York fashion week and now London fashion week, I want nothing more than to visit some of my favorite cities for a weekend and explore. I want to dress up, walk around, and take pictures. I want to sit and people watch. Take tours and eat the local food.

Wanderlust is my current mood.
There's such a thrill of waking up in an unknown city and knowing that you you get explore. See the sights and be whoever you want! And the best would be to live for 6 months- long enough to see it all but not so long that you get tired of it. 

I have a feeling that most of my savings are going to go towards traveling, because being cooped up in my dorm and on this campus-while wonderful and fun- is making me want to fly away! I can't be the only one to feel this way...

The first place I'd go?

16 September 2013

Stepping Out of the Zone

If you're anything like me, you like to stay nice and safe in your "zone"

You know what colors you look good in and you wear your favorite jeans day in and day out. You know what kind of books you like and stay in that genre. You do your hair and makeup the same and you like your schedule. And, sometimes I feel as if I take it a step farther- I like the friends I have and I don't mind not making new ones. I don't go out if I don't need to- I'd rather read. 

basically, I'm an old, retired woman stuck in an 18 year old body.

But really, I sometimes very often feel that way. And then I realized that I that I need to take advantage of my youth. I need to step out of my comfort box and into roles that I never expected I'd like. I need to stop over-thinking and jump head in. 

and then I did.

It was terrifying. Terrible. 
I'd never invested so much energy into being a friend, student, or philanthropist until now.
And it's exhausting, but exhilarating. 

I've realized that loving people is so much fun! And classes are so great with friends to study with. 
the best part about being passionate about a cause is being able to share that passion with hundreds or thousands of other students. 
And, at least for me, I didn't know I was lonely until I wasn't anymore.

It's so odd, because I'm such a home-body, but also a thrill seeker. I'm not sure how it fits together, but I love the adrenaline of roller coasters or snorkeling or traveling to new places. And getting out of my comfort zone has given me a way to experience that thrill- to be uncomfortable- in my own back yard. 

And life isn't worth living if it isn't a thrill.

13 September 2013

Apps to Love: Oyster

As I've talked about before, I'm not usually very relevant when it comes to iOS apps or anything like that. I have been loving Evernote, but I usually just stick to social networking and go to the internet for anything else. But, one tech startup has really caught my eve with their up-and-coming app.

Enter, Oyster.

It's a sort of Pandora or Nextflix, but for reading.
I know, it can't get much nerdier than that! But it's such an awesome idea. 
From what I understand, your ratings will give you feedback, as will social networking. You can browse books that you're interested in, read them, and then be right on to the next one! It sounds perfect to me! The only thing is I wonder how many books I could actually read in a month...

The price right now is $9.95 per month, which covers unlimited books. Whether it's worth it for you or not is completely up to your own reading habits. But, my thinking is that $9.95 is cheaper than almost any book, so even if you only read one it's worth it. And buying actual books costs me much more than $9.95... just sayin' ! And the fact that you can take the books with you anywhere that you take your phone is a huge plus, too!

The bad side of a tech startup is that Oyster isn't yet available on all platforms.
An iPad app is on it's way. But, Androids aren't yet supported. So there's a little setback there, but as the company grows and makes money I'm sure the support will come through!

If you're a nerd like me and love your books,
this may be your new favorite app! For the time being, only a certain amount of users are being permitted use to the app. You can visit the website here to see what it's all about.

What are you waiting for?
The world is your oyster- get reading!

11 September 2013

Movie Anticipation

Fall and Winter always means great movies.

I always remember the holidays as times when we'd go to the movies and to dinner. Since it's cold out, movies are a way to not stay cooped up indoors but to not freeze, either. Of course, the movies aren't out yet and it's still too nice to want to spend an afternoon in a movie theater. But, the trailers are playing like mad on TV and there are quite a few movies that I'm thrilled for this fall fall and winter.

The Wolf of Wall Street
Who doesn't love a Leo Dicaprio film? Seriously. But this book-to-big-screen adaptation is one that I'm excited to see. I've read the book synopsis (I hope to read the whole book before the November release) and find it to be an interesting story. Some books just don't work out as film versions, but I think the fast paced lifestyle of Wall Street and the fact that it's based on a true story will make this one work. 

The Fifth Estate
This movie hasn't gotten much press that I've seen, but the trailer is intriguing! Especially with all of the political controversy of the present, this film (also based on a true story)  is perfectly relevant and all the more interesting! From what I can gather, it's about a man who revealed government secrets on a Wikipedia-style platform. Not entirely sure what it's based on, but they've got my $10.

Oh, Diana. My most anticipated film this fall. I can't wait to watch this story unfold! My obsession with the royal family is unmatched and will follow my reading of the modern Royal Family biography perfectly. Naomi Watts has big shoes to fill. I can't wait to see this interpretation of the People's Princess.

Can you tell what kind of movies I like? I really don't mind any movie, but these are just a few that are top on my list for this fall. Most of the fall releases come to theaters in Late October- Early November, so we've got some time to wait.

 Until then, I'll continue to get excited for these!

10 September 2013

Social or Not?

Since classes have started, I've struggled with this conflict of interests:

to study all the time or let it be and make friends?
Obviously there's got to be balance, but I'm having a hard time finding it. This past weekend I spent Friday night with friends just hanging out and watching movies. But, because of that I felt like I needed to stay in Saturday and study. While everyone went out, I put on my sweats, took out my contacts, and hit the books. Plus side to being a hermit? The hall is silent on Saturday nights- perfect for studying. 

You might think that this sounds balanced- one night out for one night in. But what's wrong is that whenever I'm out, all I can think about is all that needs to get done. I feel like I'm constantly going over my class materials in my head. Making sure I don't forget them and making lists of ways to study and make sure I know my stuff. It's to the point that I almost feel guilty when I'm not studying. I know there's no reason to feel guilty- one can't only sleep and go to class. But I worry that I won't be prepared for the exams and that I'll be mad about going out once it's too late. 

As you can tell, my weekends and inner thoughts are extremely conflicted right now.

Luckily, I've heard that this is the hardest semester of my major- the weeding out process that is so well known at Purdue. And with the competition to get into their Pharmacy program, I can see why they'd want those who aren't committed to change majors. But then there's all the other stuff, like clubs and organizations, that make a student well rounded. So not only am I adjusting to 17 hours of class (plus 3 hours outside of class studying for every hour in class) and the plethora of student organizations that students are urged to join. So much going on... it's almost hard to think that anybody has the energy to go out on weekends! 

Luckily, I'm able to be social between studying or at meal times. In class I get to be surrounded with 250-300 students, all of us under similar work loads. There's a sense of community and friendship in the fact that many of us do, like myself, chose to stay in on the weekends (or even during the week). So there's that- knowing I'm not alone. Also the fact that my parents are sacrificing so much to make sure I'm getting the education I want. It makes staying in and making the grades worth it. Forever.

So that brings me to the question- to be social or not?
I can't be the only one who has this problem. It's a worldwide epidemic- working long hours to "live a nice life" but never having time to live. So for myself and anyone else struggling with this, I'm telling you to balance. Take breaks throughout the day to have a lunch break with friends or go to the gym and see people. Get out, socialize. I think it'll help to focus more while I'm working. Also, being able to tell friends "I was with you guys at lunch so I need to stay in and study tonight" a better excuse/ reason that won't get you as much slack. I'm going to try to balance my studying and socializing more, while also making sure my grades aren't being sacrificed.

It is my future on the line, anyways!

09 September 2013

Fall Accessories

Fall is coming!!

 Channelling Jackie Oh
...or at least that's what I keep telling myself. I'm dying for warm coffee and brisk morning walks. You've heard it before and you know just what I'm talking about. Since I'm still wearing summer clothes, I enjoy summer through online shopping (or browsing, since I'm trying not to buy much). I've been really excited about the animal prints that seem to be a fashion staple this fall. LEM would be so proud, since I used to tease her about her love of animal prints. I still don't understand the zebra phase, but cheetah and tortoise shell I've really become obsessed with.
I'm not a huge jewelry person. But I'm working on it (check out #11 in yesterday's post). I recently had my mom pick up not this exact bracelet, but a similar one from J. Crew and I'm so glad I had her do it because they're all sold out of this style of jewelry now. I think it'll look awesome with plaid or hunter green- one of my favorites for the fall. Of course, I'm a lover of all things Ray-Bans. I have almost every style they offer, but I'm still missing a pair of Jackie Ohh's... and this tortoise shell pair is perfection.

It wouldn't be fall without a patterned frat-hat. 
Southern Proper has the best hats and I'm loving this and the green one for fall. Not exactly animal print, but it channels fall nonetheless. Only a couple of weeks until it's officially fall, and I really can't wait!

What are you loving this fall?

08 September 2013

21 Before 21

I've been inspired by Mackenzie's "1001 in 1001" and Carly's "25 before 25" lists.
Enough for me to make my own list of 21 things I want to do or see before I turn 21. Yes, I do realize that it's only two years. And yes, I understand that most of my life will be spent in school, working, or internships. That being said, I think having a deadline and a few major things to do will be really fun to do and see how it works out. 
So, before I turn 21 I'd like to...

1. attend the Kentucky Derby
2. Go on a vacation where I unplug and just read books on the beach
3. Attend the Macy's Day Parade in New York City
4. Run a Half Marathon... and maybe a Full?
5. Go on a legitimate blind date set up by a friend
6. Watch all 8 Harry Potter films in a 36 hour time span
7. Spend a ridiculous amount of money on concert tickets 
8. Give a 100% tip on a bill of $50 or more
9. Go to the CMA festival
10. Move in with some of my best friends
11. Learn how to accessorize with jewelry
12. Buy random gifts and give them out to the homeless on the street
13. Find an international pen pal
14. Take a class that I don't really need, but just want to take
15. Go a month without sweets (Sept 10 - Oct 10, 2013)
16. Pick a campaign, cause, event and dive into it whole-heartedly
17. Unplug in daily life (as much as possible) for two weeks
18. Go on a road trip with my best friend(s)
19. Spend a weekend with my Grandparents doing whatever they want to do
20. Apply for a study abroad program or to an international school
21. Become conversational in a foreign language (Francais?)

As you can tell, none of these items tempt fate or have me simply thinking wishfully. These are all things that I can and will accomplish by the time I turn 21. Why 21? Well I think that it's a good time frame for me to enjoy my youth and have fun. While I'm technically an adult, you're not really and adult until you're 21. So I'm taking these years of having some independence but still a kid to go and have fun. I'm also a planner, and I think that having a time frame and a bunch of random things to do is such a fun thing for someone who plans and works without much free time. In a way it's "forced fun", but it's necessary.

Because, let's face it
Life isn't life if you aren't living.

06 September 2013

Dreaming of Burberry

Burberry is absolutely my favorite Designer.

From the classic trenches to the Check print to the scarves. I'd wear all of their looks if only I could afford them! I think it's the way that their fashion is 
so I took so long to get ready but I want to look tousled and rushed.  

I mean, look at this! So put-together but not overly polished or primped. 
I think it's a difference in culture, really. Burberry completely caters to the European lifestyle. The women want pieces that hardly go out of style but that are functional. I have a few of the Burberry scarves and, trust me, they are fashionable and functional- and over worn because I love them so much. The entire line, though, is challenging to wear because of the polished look of women in America. I'm not saying that Europeans aren't polished. They just are more accepting of the "edgy" look in the workplace and streets than in America. It's hard to explain, but it makes me want to badly to live in Amsterdam or London and be able to perfect the shabby-chic look.

For now, though, I'll keep with my scarves. I love them and hope that they'll continue to do me well.

04 September 2013

How Do You Know?

How do you know if something is for you?

I don't have an answer to this question, though I wish I did. I have no idea how you can look at a call-out paper or a review and think "I'd love that" without any doubt. I don't know how you can sign up for skydiving and say "I'll be okay". There's no real for sure in this world. But what there are, are opportunities. Chances to go out and try something new. Chances to take an interest. Chances to not be judged. And that's my mindset as I went through recruitment.

I think the Greek community is awesome! It has produced some of America's - and the World's- most impressive leaders. The Greeks run many of America's campuses through their size, power, and heart. Yes, the Greek community scan be synonymous with words like hazing, exclusivity, and partying. But the Greeks were founded on philanthropy and altruism. The hard thing is that philanthropy, sisterhood, and leadership is what I want from my time spent in the Greek Community. What I found... wasn't so optimistic.

Purdue is a fantastic school with a fantastic reputation. They are part of the Big 10 and are a leading research university. I expected the same caliber out of the Greek system, and while those involved are smart and good looking, there weren't any that I really felt held up to my standards. Though they couldn't admit it, I wasn't their favorite when I said that partying big wasn't my thing... When I like chill nights in rather than crazy nights out that I can't remember.
I was upset when I dropped. I so badly wanted to be Greek. In fact, I still do want to be Greek! But I want to know for sure that my values and morals are not compromised. I want to know that they love and want the best for me- like a real sister would. I want to feel good about being a part of the Greek Community- wherever that may be- and not ashamed of the reputation with my letters.

Okay, so my expectations may be high. And as I see girls in their shirts after getting their bids, I can't help think about how badly I want to be them. But then I know that there are so many other amazing things I can be that don't involve being Greek...

Or maybe I still will be.

02 September 2013

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to all the hard workers out there!

Here's a gift from me to you :)

01 September 2013

A Very Lilly Fall

September 1st.

Fall has officially arrived. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back. The last of the cookouts will occur tomorrow. And, designers have released the best of their fall collections. I'm always curious to see what Lilly does in the fall- the classic Lilly colors and prints just don't work with fall. I've been pleased with what I've seen so far, and am ready for sweater weather to wear all of this good stuff!

Indiana fall doesn't really lend itself well to dresses. Some can be pulled off, but typically pants are needed during the fall months. Unfortunate, yes. But luckily vests and sweaters are fun and fashionable. As Lilly Pulitzer has released most of the fall collection, I thought I'd hilight a few of my favorites.

As I said before, I love sweater weather.
I love Lilly sweaters because they're cute and dress while still keeping the fall breeze at bay. As per usual, my eye goes straight to the navy! I'm not sure why, but I'm a navy-aholic. Both of these sweaters have caught my eye.. and yes the peplum does come in navy... but for once I enjoy the look of the striking pink much better. I'm always for a little color blocking, so Debra Sweater is a winner. Peplums are always great, so I love the Aurora.

Navy lace must be a thing for me this year.
Both of these dresses have me lusting for a reason to wear a dress! I love the Remmy Dress because of its sleeves. Again, the crisp fall air calls for sleeves or a jacket. But, there's something about the Rhea Dress that makes me feel like going to a Gatsby party! I love that the lace isn't over-powering, but that it has a bit of 20's flapper inspiration while staying modern. You know me and functionality- it'd work for a Gatsby party perfectly, but it'd also work for so much more! Overall, I think I prefer the Remmy just because I think I could wear it alone with some tights and be just fine. The Rhea would take some thought into the right kind of sweater.

The Harris Coat.
I'm usually not the type to go crazy over outerwear. If it's cute, okay. But I often think that trying too hard with outerwear makes it look gaudy. This, though, is the epitome of function-fashion balance. It's gorgeous! Again, the navy and gold. I could cry it's so beautiful. I think its a good thing that I don't live close to a Lilly store, because I'm 99% sure I'd have to buy it if I saw it in person.

the Lilly fall collection makes the chilly weather seem a little more welcoming