25 September 2013

Travel While You're Young

Flipboard has led me to so many fantastic articles.

My favorite so far has been by Adam London, who wrote about traveling. It was the first time I've read something that really supported my same feelings on travel. I'm used to going to the news to learn, but to leave feeling more sure of myself... that was something different. 

I sometimes get judged for my experiences from traveling- people treat me as if I'm stuck up or "rich". But I love the emphasis in the article about how it doesn't take a fortune to see the world. Youth is about new experiences and a foundation for the rest of your life, and I couldn't picture a better way to do so. Especially with how connected to world has become, there really is no excuse for not traveling.

Excuse #1 that I hate
"It's too expensive" I read another article about how hostels are becoming the new place to stay. Business men are catching on to the low-budget way of traveling. As a student, I've taken trips with friends and stayed in hostels. Yes, it was odd at first, but then you meet people in the common areas and it's like Welcome Week at school all over again! The ability to connect and have experiences with young people everywhere is what draws me to this option... and the price tag helps.

Additionally, traveling outside the US is a breeze with public transportation. It takes far less time to travel from city to city or country to country and there are so many options on how to do so. Trains, planes, and automobiles (but really). You could even go by foot or hitch-hike. I know it sounds crazy here, but it's really not that uncommon in other countries. Plus, it's never fun without a little adrenaline rush... just no Taken re-enactment's, please.

Besides that, it's fun.
Nobody likes to sit around and do nothing their whole life. Even people like me, who enjoy their solitude and down time, can find fun in traveling. There are museums and churches and cultures to explore! The shopping is always fun, and I am guilty of sitting and people-watching. Sue me, it's interesting! 

The final line of Adam London's article says

Small Paychecks, Big Memories

and that is so incredibly right. It's the epitome of how traveling and youth should be. I, the biggest shopper you know, am willing to forgo buying new clothes if it means saving for a trip overseas... or anywhere. And, like I said, once you're there it doesn't have to be expensive. Buy that plane ticket and you're so set! So this only begs one question-

when are we going?