28 September 2013

Girl On A Budget: PiperLime

You know those ads that you repeatedly see but never really look at?

Well that was PiperLime for me. I'd seen the ads in Vogue and Elle over an over again, always making a mental note to check it out. The other day I was absent-mindedly flipping through the October Vogue, saw the ad, and thought "no more mental notes!" I grabbed my computer and checked it out, and oh how I wish I'd done so sooner!

If you're like me and have no clue what PiperLime is, get ready! It's in the Gap/ Old Navy franchise, but so much better! They use both high-end and budget-friendly brands to get similar looks, of which you can pick how much you want to spend. It's the ultimate "save vs. splurge" opportunity, but I love it. There are pieces from Kate Spade to Nine West to Free People. It's like a more organized H&M or Forever 21... with better quality offerings. 

There's even a section titled Girl on a Budget.
That speaks right to my little college-girl heart. I have yet to make any purchases (again with those college-girl struggles), so I can't speak for service. But I'm loving their selection and variety! I'm thinking an order will be made in the near future...

Check out PiperLime