13 September 2013

Apps to Love: Oyster

As I've talked about before, I'm not usually very relevant when it comes to iOS apps or anything like that. I have been loving Evernote, but I usually just stick to social networking and go to the internet for anything else. But, one tech startup has really caught my eve with their up-and-coming app.

Enter, Oyster.

It's a sort of Pandora or Nextflix, but for reading.
I know, it can't get much nerdier than that! But it's such an awesome idea. 
From what I understand, your ratings will give you feedback, as will social networking. You can browse books that you're interested in, read them, and then be right on to the next one! It sounds perfect to me! The only thing is I wonder how many books I could actually read in a month...

The price right now is $9.95 per month, which covers unlimited books. Whether it's worth it for you or not is completely up to your own reading habits. But, my thinking is that $9.95 is cheaper than almost any book, so even if you only read one it's worth it. And buying actual books costs me much more than $9.95... just sayin' ! And the fact that you can take the books with you anywhere that you take your phone is a huge plus, too!

The bad side of a tech startup is that Oyster isn't yet available on all platforms.
An iPad app is on it's way. But, Androids aren't yet supported. So there's a little setback there, but as the company grows and makes money I'm sure the support will come through!

If you're a nerd like me and love your books,
this may be your new favorite app! For the time being, only a certain amount of users are being permitted use to the app. You can visit the website here to see what it's all about.

What are you waiting for?
The world is your oyster- get reading!