30 September 2013

Look to the Stars

I have never been one to follow my horoscope.

I've had friends who base their days on their "daily forecast", making decisions based on what some random app tells them. But, now that my sign is in full effect and my life is going a little bit crazier than normal, I've been enjoying reading these silly little excerpts. And, as much as I try to tell myself that they're all written so vaguely that they can't really pertain to me, it's hard to deny the fact that for some reason they're scarily accurate.

I find it fascinating.
I'm a Libra so this is my time. When I was younger, I'd read them to see which famous person I matched up with or to see if my crush had a "compatible" sign. That's the least of my worries at this point, as I've been reading my daily horoscopes telling me repeatedly that I am going through internal disquiet and disheartening obstacles- neither of which I typically go through. In addition, my horoscope for this coming month tells me to "Explore my heart's desire... no boundary is too difficult to cross". The accuracy and ability to read into what's going on for me now is too much to skip out on.

how fun is this?!
I've been following my horoscope in the Vogue Daily section of the website, and I find it so fun! Regardless of if it's accurate or not I like to have a place to blame anything crazy that happens. Especially in this crazy, tumultuous time of my life, it's nice to have something to read and tell me that everything is going to work out. Maybe I'm crazy... I'm starting to honestly feel that way lately. Reading my 'Scope has confirmed that, but it's also given me some reasons. 
Hopefully I'll be getting back some normalcy in my life.