01 October 2013

Top 5: September 2013

This month has been a blur!

School got crazy- midterms and studying took up my life. When I wasn't studying I was eating or sleeping. My lack of activity here on the blog was probably a great indication of this routine, but I'm happy to say that life has slowed down. The scores I received on my exams were an indicator of how well my studying tactics were working... let me just say that all is well. Not only was this a relief to not struggle through my first round of exams, but I'm able to see now that I can stress a bit less on my school work. This is wonderful news, because I was not liking my lack of free time... I would have gotten burnt out very quickly. 

Because of this horribly stressful month, there's an overwhelming theme of "comfort" to this month's list of favorites. From yummy drinks and snacks to what I did as study breaks, all of these items saved me during this month.

1. Anything Fall
The fact that I was able to start wearing boots, scarves, and hats made getting up to go study a bit more enjoyable. Having a brisk walk to class woke me up and drinking warm drinks was such a pick-me-up. My favorite drink right now is not a Pumpkin Spice Latte, I know.. shocking! I'm actually loving hot caramel apple cider. It's absolutely delicious and brings back memories of my mom's homemade hot cider.

2. Nail Polish
I think I've mentioned that my roommate has been inspiring to keep my nails pretty, but painting my nails is also a great study break. It takes enough time that I can watch a couple of YouTube videos or an episode of Sex and the City and re-charge my brain. I've been loving fall reds, greens, and blues. I'm currently wearing Stylenomics, from Essie's Fall 2012 collection, but I'm on the search for the perfect fall pink. Suggestions?

3. The News
Another way that I've given my brain a break without feeling like I'm wasting away- reading/ watching the news. Every MWF I wake up with time to relax and watch the Today Show with a cup of coffee. In between classes or during study breaks I've been enjoying FlipBoard. Everything I read is interesting, but I think it's also important for me to keep up on what's going on outside of my campus. The "College Bubble" is a real thing, which I first experienced when I heard about the US going to war and not knowing a thing about it. I immediately began searching for an app that I could use to stay up-to-date. FlipBoard has been perfect! 
Additionally, I've been keeping an eye on my horoscope. I am away that it is definitely not the current, worldwide news, but it is news. In my life. I find it fascinating to read what is in store for me and to actually compare my days to how they've been "predicted".

4. Greek Yogurt
Of course food has to make an appearance! My roommate and I have become slightly obsessed with eating yogurt. For me, I've become dependent on it as a snack since I began my 21 Before 21 challenge of not eating sweets. I love putting a few shredded almonds in there. It acts as a perfect ice cream substitute and I love that it has so much protein!

5. Home
Dorothy was right- there's no place like home. This past month I was able to go home twice, which was desperately needed. With all of my stressing at school, it was nice to spend a weekend at home and have my parents cook for me or just be there to talk to about everything. They are 100% my greatest support system, so being with them and hearing their encouraging words is what I use as motivation to study and do well. My sister is crazy, but I've missed her! She and I were able to have a date night- dinner and a movie- and just talk about her sports and school. It kills me that I'm missing out on so much of her life, but it makes being home so much sweeter since we can just love on each other rather than fight.

I am so grateful that this month has gone so smoothly, regardless of the stress. This weekend is the beginning of fall break, and I can't wait to go home for an extended period, unpack, and just be able to relax. But, I feel that October may be stressful in it's own ways. 
All I have to say is

Bring it On!