28 October 2013

[Non] Greek Women

going into college, I was looking forward to philanthropic and sisterhood aspects of greek life

Then life took me for a turn (little did I know it was the first of many). I went through the intense recruitment process of no sleep, lots of talking, and uncomfortable shoes. I talked about myself, my interests, and what I wanted out of this "sisterhood". But, when it came down to it, I just didn't feel a connection to any particular house or group of girls. Looking back, I think that I knew I wanted to drop early into the second round, but I just couldn't. So I stuck it out until the end.

It seemed like I'd heard so much about how so many of Fortune 500's top CEOs were greek. Or how most of the powerful women in America were greek. I was scared that I wouldn't be successful if I dropped. I worried that I'd lose jobs over not being greek. And, on a more short-term scale, I was terrified that I'd never find my niche here at Purdue if I didn't join a sorority. 

But none of that matters if I don't have time to get my work done because of functions or if I really feel like I don't belong with these girls who are supposed to be my "sisters"
so I dropped...


I made jokes with one of my friends about how I was a "social reject" and I enjoyed the fact that I didn't have to endure any more 12+ hour days of talking about myself. But inside I honestly felt a little bit lost. As anyone does when their path is stripped from their feet, I needed a chance to figure out where college was going to take me from there. So I did what any bibliophile does, and I picked up a book about the one and only Kate Middleton- she didn't go greek and now she's a princess. Surely it can't be that bad! 

After this realization, I began to make a mental list of successful people- or people who I look up to- that didn't go greek:
Anna Wintour
Hermione Granger
Angela Ahrendts

and there are many more

Of course, I respect all of the girls who found their place and whole-heartedly threw themselves into the sorority world. Having so many good girlfriends to live with and experience life with is something that I sometimes envy. Looking back, I'm glad that I went through recruitment but I'm also happy with my decision to drop. I know that I would have been overwhelmed with school and functions. Plus, here in the Big 10 greek life isn't as...respectable as I'd like to think. I want to be defined by my successes and personality, not some letters. Being a part of a sorority might have given me leadership experience or chances to work with other people and philanthropies, but it's certainly not the only way. 

Plus, throwing yourself into what you're passionate about is going to provide more success than a predetermined path that everyone else has followed. This semester has been such a learning and reflecting time for me, and the lack of direction is driving me crazy. But someday, hopefully I'll get back on track- 

even if I'm paving my own path.