16 October 2013

Inspiring Women: Sandra Bullock

Sandy is my such an inspiration.

She's been a favorite actress of mine since The Proposal. And then the Blind Side. Recently she's been mia, so when I heard about her in Gravity I knew that it was a must-see. Not only because she's such a believable actress, but because I love her as a person, too! 


October 2013, Vogue Magazine
Sandra was recently interviewed for the cover article in Vogue. I already knew that I loved her, but this article solidified my woman-crush. After her shocking divorce (who would cheat on Sandra Bullock?! ) her life became much quieter. She now lives in Texas with her son, Louis, owns a restaurant, and enjoys her freedom from the paparazzi. The fact that such a powerful, well-known woman finds peace in solitude is inspirational in it's own right. Add to that her genuine desire to make sure that she is treated like a normal person and that her son grows up out of the spotlight, she becomes someone who I respect and can learn so much from.

Too often I strive to be noticed.
Hopefully not in an obnoxious way, though. I simply want to be credited for my work and recognized. I've come to realize that this desire to be noticed- to not fade away- for the things I'm passionate about ends up backfiring. Instead, I'm seen for my "entitled" attitude rather than my accomplishments. And, if I'm being honest, this something I really struggle with. I can't seem to strike that balance between graceful acceptance of praise and being completely and utterly... forgotten. 

But then there's Sandra. She has the power to live in the spotlight. She could require people to bow at her feet and they would. But what she chose to do was to move away from the lights and to work more on building relationships with real, good-hearted people. She owns a bistro, she takes her son to birthday parties, she's anything but a big, flashy movie star. And, unlike many high-life movie stars, she won't fade into oblivion. I'm almost certain she'll be remembered, and she'll be remembered as someone more than the face on the screen. Sandra puts an effort into the live of others, and that's exactly why she's such an inspiration.

It only takes reading a few articles about her to get the gist: she knows where she's going and how she wants to live her life. Taking a tip from her, I've got to worry less about praise and more about relationships. I need to care less about what people think. Because, in the end, it's the people and our passions that we invest in that make for a memorable life. 

And, like Sandra, 
I want to be remembered for happily fading into my own happy place.