29 October 2013

RedHead Lovin'

as a redhead, I always get excited when I see a ginger model in a catalogue or ad

I guess it's because my strawberry-blonde hair sometimes makes me feel different. Not in a good or bad way, it's just that I stand out. In a world of brunettes and blondes, my freckles and red hair can really bring me attention. People tend to comment on my hair before anything else... some people even ask to touch it, as if it's going to feel different than their golden locks. And I'll never forget the outright stares that I got while traveling in the Middle East. In their defense, my rosy complexion, hair & freckles, and blue eyes are extremely foreign to their olive-skinned population. 

But, I don't really let the fact that I look different bring me down. I find it funny now, and I enjoy the fact that my small outbursts of energy can be attributed to being a fiery redhead. And the fun part is that being part of this dying population connects me to other redhead girls out there. Recently I've loved seeing redhead girls in ads. J. Crew has a fabulous redhead model, and I love the Vineyard Vines model whose hair color is almost identical to mine! Seeing that rose-tinted skin and those freckles makes me proud to be different.


J. Crew

Vineyard Vines

I can't forget the fabulous
Molly Ringwald

Everyone has a quirk or characteristic that helps them stand out. Mine is certainly my hair. I used to hate that it was so different, and sometimes I still think it's weird that people can be so intrigued by the fact that I have strawberry in my blonde. But I have grown to enjoy the fact that it is truly a part of who I am. It explains where I've come from and gives me a chance to automatically stand out- without saying a word.

and I can really appreciate that.

what sets you apart?