04 October 2013

Weekend Reading

Like I said, I've been really enjoying keeping up with the news lately.

It keeps me from being sucked into the "college bubble", yes. But it also has given me so many different aspects of the world to think about that I normally wouldn't. Flipboard has given me access to so many different news sources- many more than I would be able to look at if I had to go to websites individually- so I've discovered sources that I didn't even know existed. The best part? Everything is channelled to my interests, but it's also not the same news over and over.


With the weekend arriving, I hope to have some relaxing time carved out to catch up on the articles that I saved for later while discovering even more. I know I'll never have as much time as I'd like to, but that's what next weekend it for... right? The past couple of weeks I've come across some articles that I've loved- some have made me laugh and some have made me want to travel. Some just seem unnecessary, but are interesting nonetheless. 

If you have some spare time this weekend, these are a few articles that I'd definitely suggest:
and if you don't have some time for reading in your weekend, I suggest you rethink your plans. 

From to-do lists to satire, this list of articles really is very random and inconclusive. 
None of the articles are long or deep, but they all caught my attention enough for me to save them and look over a second time. For a college student with not a lot of free time, I'd say that's enough evidence for promotion. 

These articles would go perfectly with a relaxed morning and a cup of coffee. 
Doesn't that sound wonderful?