18 October 2013

Paris Fashion Week

Rounding out my little mini-series, it's only natural to end with the big shabang.

Paris Fashion week is one of the most recognized around the world. It's home to the legends of high fashion: Chanel, Louis V, you get the gist. And this year was no different. With Marc Jacobs leaving Louis Vuitton and Chanel targeting a new, younger audience, this fashion week attracted attention as expected. Overall, the shows seemed to be very black. This theme helped lines like APC, which featured more traditionally spring colors and styles, actually stand out rather than blend in. All of the lines seemed to have one general consensus: spring will be about feminine-meets-masculine. Blazers and loose-fitting styles were prevalent, as were very small low-maintenance accessories... well except for the LV girls and their giant headdresses. 


APC was my favorite line that I saw. The looks were feminine, but wearable. The colors were subdued enough not to seem tacky, but colorful enough to not be drab. I liked the pant-suit/jump-suit looks, although I could never pull them off... curse my long torso. And the small, dainty patterns are exactly what I think of when I think Paris in the Spring.

Louis Vuitton
Of course Louis was going to be a big deal- Marc Jacobs' contract was up and he was rumored to leave the clothing house to focus on his own brand. The show reminisced his past years at LV, featuring a theatrical set showcasing props used in his shows: the elevators, the clock tower, the fountain, and the carousel. The show was mainly black- the only color variation came from the jeans worn on the models. While it was interesting and intriguing, and a bit sad... like a funeral, I didn't like the fashion. Mainly because I didn't really get much from it. I'm sure it was much more impressive in person, but the video feel just gave me black, black, and more black. There was no ooohs or ahhhs from this side of the computer screen.
I may be a bit biased though, considering my favorite color is navy.

Chanel was the epitome of fashion as art. Like, really. The show was set up like an art gallery, with Karl Lagerfeld's own drawings and artistic designs created on a massive scale. Lagerfeld also got a bit artistic with his looks for 2014, too. The big patterns and bright colors demonstrate a stark difference from the usual business-y colors- maybe a change in target consumer? The looks mixed that of schoolgirl and office-woman. Pencil skirt, meet the crop top. Of course, there were the typical Chanel looks. The black and white dresses. The shimmery coats. And a new spin on Coco's LBD: the midriff-cutout LBD. 
The art was taken beyond the clothing, to the makeup of the models. The modern-art look was painted on as eyeshadow and liner. Blocks of color and swooping eyeshadow made for this runway show to demonstrate a walking art showcase.

 Of course, the fashion is always fun to keep up with and the other weeks provided even more inspiration for this coming spring and summer. From what I saw in New York, London, and Paris combined, I'd say this spring is going to continue the boyish-feminine balancing act that is so prevalent this fall. Pastels and prints are definitely in. And, unless you're Louis Vuitton, I'd stray away from black. The accessories are small: clutches, chain-strap bags, or no bag at all. The jewelry is simple yet statement-making. From what I can see, it's all about picking one prevalent piece. This upcoming season isn't welcoming to layered jewelry pieces... but that's been on its way out. In the way of shoes, chunky heels are the way to go, so thank goodness they're more comfortable! 

All in all, I think the trends are going to be more comfortable and very flattering to the average body type (as opposed to the -5 models).And, personal style is always more important than being trendy. To update your wardrobe, pick up a clutch or bag and maybe some heels. I'm sure the skirts, dresses, and statement jewelry you already have can be transitioned to spring beautifully! 

And the best part? 
The big prints make wearing Lillys not only a personal-style statement,
but also trendy!