20 October 2013

[Fall Trends] Boots & How to Wear Them

Riding Boots. Bean Boots. Rain Boots. Booties.

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I love my boots just as much as the next girl, but it can certainly get overwhelming when it comes to styling the boots. Riding Boots aren't too hard- just tuck in some skinnies or leggings and you're ready to go. Rain Boots are, well, for the rain. I find that booties and Bean Boots are the hardest to style. Because of their height, they've got to look just right or they can make your legs look short and stubby. 

But, when done right, they can make any outfit look fashion-forward.

Right now, the style for booties is a low, chunky heel. Designers have gone crazy when it comes to making their boots stand out... but I think that the greatest boots are the ones that are versatile stylish. For once in my life, I was a little ahead of the curve when I bought my first pair last fall. They were $30 at Kohls and I've gotten so many complements on them! Of course, with increased demand, prices have increased. My favorite pair that I've seen are from Anthropologie and mix black and brown Can you say "Goes with anything?" Additionally, so many more styles and looks have been introduced.

The lower heels, buckles, and more masculine looks form a bootie-meets-combat boot look. Since I'm not edgy enough for combats (and I never really wanted a pair anyways...) I like this little twist on cute booties to make them wearable in both formal and causal settings. But then that brings up the question: 
How do I wear these?

Well, they're obviously very stylish and flattering with skinnies or leggings and socks. One line from hip to feet creates and elongated look that is flattering on everyone. But, the trends now are to wear booties with skirts, or cropped boyfriend jeans. Chunky socks or tights finish off the look and keep you warm. But the visible skin can be absolutely detrimental to your appearance when it comes to height. Add into this dilemma the return of longer skirts (which I'm still not sure how I feel about) and it's quite possible to end up looking like a gnome instead of a stylish, confident young woman. 

The fix? Trying on lots and lots of boots. High Heels. Low Heels. Color- Blocking versus Solids. There's no one style that works because boots are going to look different on everyone. Wear skinnies and take a skirt or dress to try them with. Be especially conscious of where the boot is hitting your leg- you've got to find that magic height that lines up with your leg. 
 also, make sure they're comfortable!

While I was a little ahead of the curve on my booties, I am definitely way behind when it comes to my lack of LL Bean Boots, affectionately called just Bean Boots or Duck Boots. I discovered these when Carly from College Prepster and Sarah Vickers featured them on their blogs and other social media outlets. I didn't initially think they were cute, but they've grown on me. And their practicality certainly has! For trekking through the snow on campus or just having good, durable boots for fall activities, these are the way to go! They're available in different colors and styles... including tan/navy. Eeep! I think they're calling my name! 

Fall is the time for boots, socks, and tights. I love the versatility of fall pieces- a skirt with booties can be dressed up or down depending on the top. Riding Boots can make a summery dress more fall appropriate. Without boots, fall just wouldn't be fall. And the best part is that they transition wonderfully into winter, which needs anything (including cute boots) to make more bearable. 

How are you styling your boots this fall?