24 October 2013

Being Inspired

"the success of one person can very well inspire success in another"

I've found this to be so true in my life. 
The successes of my friends and family members definitely inspire me to try out new hobbies. I was friends with more than half of the cross country team in high school, so I took up running in my free time. My sister danced, so I took up dance classes. My parents are successful in every aspect of their lives, and they inspire me every day, every second. Even though I've been inspired to try new activities before, nothing has really stuck like blogging has. 

A year ago, I came across CollegePrepster, or Carly. For a couple of months I just read her blog every day. I loved the way that she helped me feel empowered. I loved hearing about her life, her college tips, and just everything! One day, I was just feeling inspired, so I started my own blog. Writing was always something that I loved, but it was something I did in private. It was an art that I kept to myself, like most of the things that I enjoy in life. Never once had I thought about sharing my writing with others, because I never thought anyone would care.  But, on that day of inspiration, I bit the bullet and pressed "Publish" on my first blog post. 


Enough of my sob-story though, that's not what I want to convey today. 
I want to help to inspire others, like Carly, and so many other women have done for me. Whether it's on Twitter, Instagram, their Blogs, or Pinterest, I am inspired every day by the thoughts and images sent my way via these girls. If you're looking for another blog to follow, or just some beautiful Instagram pictures, I highly suggest that you hop over to some of my daily favorites:

via College Prepster

What absolutely isn't fair, in any world, is that these women have all become great friends! They're like the Power-Quad of the preppy blog world. Each has their own flair and their own quirks. But, they all have a way of inspiring me (and their multitude of subscribers) to be the best they can be. At a range of ages and career positions, these girls are relatable for almost anyone. I credit to them my ability to confidently uncover one of my most private hobbies- writing. And through their sense of style and daily posts, I've been able to develop myself into a more confident young woman than I would have ever envisioned for myself. 

go check out their blogs and other forms of social networking
I'm positive that you'll get something great from it- 
each & every day.

p.s. they frequently all communicate on Twitter... and I die every time