27 October 2013

Warmth of NYC

lately I've been longing for the city

The lights. The late nights. Even the cold. I blame this all on the beautiful pictures that show up on my Instagram feeds daily. Add in my Today Show obsession, the fact that I'm watching SatC from season 1, and all of the awesome videos I've come across, and it's practically like New York is calling my name. 

Earlier this week, my English TA informed us that our next project would be a documentary. I was worried because of my lack of expertise with film or anything like it. But, leave it to the internet and blogosphere to lead me to some of the coolest, shortest documentaries I've ever seen. Not only that, but of course they take place in New York City. Small Empires is a fantastic series that I've run across, but most of the videos take some planning, as they're around 20 minutes long. But then I came across the perfect, 3 minute video of a man making connections in NYC... and not how you'd expect.

These work this man is doing doesn't seem like a big, outrageous idea. He's simply taking pictures... but he's bringing people together, too. He's bringing warmth to the Concrete Jungle and making people think in a way that they normally wouldn't. It's a quick watch- only 3 minutes. But it's 3 minutes that makes you re-think your busy schedules and the people that you walk past every day. Or at least it did for me, since I seem to see a new face each time I step outside. 

Not only did it get me thinking, 
but it got me wanting to go explore NYC

oh, and Humans of New York is definitely on my Christmas Wish List.