10 October 2013

21 Before 21: Making Progress

I am having so much fun working to accomplish my 21 goals!

Not only is it fun to make a list (and strike things off said list), but picking a few activities within a certain time frame is so perfect. For me, I tend to dream, get caught up in the sheer size of my dreams, and then forget to plan. This list with a set timeline makes it easy to make progress and get things done, as opposed to that oh-so-typical "Bucket List" that hardly gets a second look. It keeps me proactive and gives me something fun to look forward to! 

Of course, I want you to keep me accountable! In order to do that, I am going to periodically give a little update. 


I'm happy to say that today, October 10, 2013, I have completed my first goal! I've gone a month without sweets... and it was hard. I have the world's worst sweet tooth, but it's not my fault entirely. I take after my dad. This was the goal that actually inspired me to make the 21 Before 21 list, so I thought it appropriate to check that off my list first. And, I think I was successful in breaking my sweet tooth. I no longer feel the need to go to the dessert line in the dining halls. I love my yogurt and tea in place of normal dessert, and I feel healthier. 

Before I started this challenge, I was feeling the full wrath of the Freshman 15. I was only a few weeks into school, but my pants were growing snug. I didn't want to wear anything other norts and tshirts, which was depressing since I had gone back-to-school shopping. I did not want to start my college career a lard, so I got proactive and changed it! Sure, the pastries and ice cream were tough to cut out at first. But, like they say, it takes 21 days to break a habit (I'm sensing a theme in the number 21) and I've gone 30. 

Habit = Broken!

So what's next in my challenge?
Well, I talked about how I'm working on my accessorizing tendencies. I'm planning my road trip with LEM for this holiday season, and I'm currently [trying to] getting in shape to train for a half marathon this coming spring. I have a few concerts that I'm looking to spend the big bucks at, a few days at Grandma's, and possibly a new philanthropic cause on my mind. I promise I'm not going crazy... I just get so excited that I might get ahead of myself. Breathe. But in all honesty, for a dreamer like myself, this list is the little bit of motivation I need to make the most out of my days.

Stay tuned for more updates on how I'm progressing,
and please leave comments linking me to your lists! I love reading them and getting inspiration that way.

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