09 October 2013

Home, Sweet Home

Home has taken on a new meaning.

Home is where family is. Where there is good food and someone to do your laundry. Where your dog crawls up in bed with you and you can take a shower... barefoot. In the larger sense of the word, home was so under-appreciated before I left. I thought that my city was boring and just wanted to get out. Where I moved to? Not that much better, and I don't have my cozy bed to come back to. My little city is cute! All of the sudden, the local shops and activities are much more appealing.

It's not to say that the college town I live in is boring or has nothing to offer. Any hobby is covered on campus. But outside of campus, the town is more rural... that is, if I could get off campus. While there is so much to do, there's also so much homework to get done. I struggle with a constant pull of desires that I never did when I was home. Maybe that's what makes it so different. 

Or maybe it's the fact that college is different from home in the sense that there aren't parents and you can do whatever you want, but from an activity standpoint... it's really not all that different. A combination of too little free time and the fact that Purdue is smaller than home makes being away at school, well school.


In other words, not home. 

Being home for a long weekend was great! I loved being with family and catching up with friends. I loved walking around my city, shopping, and eating- it was almost like a mini vacation with the amount I ate! 

Sadly, school can't wait for me to get my fill of home. Exams and lectures are waiting for my return... 

But all the while I'll patiently be waiting my return back home.