30 October 2013

Wish List Wednesday

the temperatures have dropped and the warm layers have started adding up...

It feels like I'm wearing sweaters, boots, and scarves every day! Because of this, I've been drawn to outfit inspiration that makes for cute and warm combinations. One thing that I'm missing here at school is a coat.. I know, I'm crazy. I don't know how I somehow ended up without any sort of jacket- besides my Excursion Vest- but it happened. 

Therefore, I'm serious when I say that I've really been layering and accessorizing for warmth. 

here is what I'm coveting on these chilly days:

I really don't need anything bulky right now, but something to put over my sweaters to block the wind and add that extra layer would be great! I love the quilted look of this Barbour Jacket.

Because, sometimes I need to give my feet a break from the boots and heels. 

I've realized how few pairs of "nice" jeans I have. I had one pair of fabulous Lucky Brand jeans, but they were getting worn and I conveniently ripped a hole in them. Even though I hate trying on jeans with a passion, I'd be willing to endure it if I left with a pair or two of jeans that flatter me in all the right places.

Fair Isle sweaters have been making their fair share of appearances on my Instagram and Tumblr timelines. This, of course, has me dying for one! I love the Madewell sweater, since I already have so much navy (and it's cheaper), but I had to throw in the classic Vineyard Vines, too. 


I'm hoping to conquer the hunt for jeans over my winter break: after-Christmas sales and going back to work for a couple of weeks will put me in a perfect position to hunt and save! And, as hard as it is to say, I don't think I'm really needing another sweater at this point... but can you ever really have too many? I'd say, at the moment, those New Balance for J. Crew shoes are top on my list- I adore they way they're styled in the lookbook and have been making up outfits they'd work with in my head (...I wear a size 9 if anyone is feeling generous)...

what's on your wish list?