21 June 2013

Something to Think About: Women in the Work Force

I've never really been one who fights strongly for women to have rights in the work place- I'd be more than happy using my MRS degree more than my Pharm D degree. But, women are necessary in the work force and deserve to have the ability to be successful. Regardless of who you are, we can all agree that women are always right ;)

All joking aside, I was able to really connect with what Sheryl talked about in this TED talk. I frequently get so down on myself and underestimate my abilities. This creates an inferiority complex and a self-fulfilling prophecy that only results in women (in this case, myself) being unsuccessful. I, like many women, do not always reach for opportunity.. usually because I feel that I don't want to disappoint and don't want to "set myself up for failure". 

What Sheryl has done has opened my eyes to this idea. I need to be more aggressive and empowering in every aspect of my life. While being the CEO or COO of a company is not necessarily my main goal in life- and I don't necessarily think that women are more or less fit for that job than men- I do think that women who strive for that power deserve an equal shot at it.

To reach that, though, both men and women need to work to empower women.