25 June 2013

What's in My Bag: Beach Bag

So now that it's officially summer and I'm leaving in two days for the beach, I figured that a beach bag post was in order. While I don't carry anything too ridiculous or special, I enjoy reading about what others take with them to the beach. I thought that maybe someone would be interested in what I take, as well.

Like I said, nothing too out of the ordinary, but I wouldn't be ready for a day on the beach without it.

The most important and instrumental part of this post is the bag! Previously, I've used the freebie bags that I've gotten from Victoria's Secret or Lancome... I decided it was time to step it up and purchase a bag for the beach. Before spring break, I bought the Lilly Shoreline Tote, which I absolutely love! It's a great size for the beach, but I also use it as my "carry on" personal bag when I travel. It's big enough to load up with anything that didn't quite fit in the suitcase.

Most of my bag is full of skincare products. I'm a redhead with freckles, blue eyes, and fair skin. I never use a sunscreen less that 15 SPF and usually it's more like 30. I love the Australian Gold Sunscreen, because it has a built-in bronzer that I swear gets baked into your skin! I started using this my freshman year and it gives me a nice bronze glow that redheads usually don't experience. I wouldn't recommend that on your face though, as it's pretty oily. Instead, I use Maybelline BB cream... I know, I'm obsessed! But it's got a 30 SPF which protects my face. Just for fun, I bring along these Evian Mineral Water sprays. They are refreshing and help to rejuvenate the face from the sun. They're kinda pricey, but they're a splurge that I wouldn't want to go without.

Besides skin care, my bag typically carries a book and some sunglasses. For the beach, I make sure that I also have my Cotton Snaps on- nothing like losing a pair of Ray Bans to the ocean. I also like to take my most versatile pair of sunglasses, which is usually my aviators and my tortoise shell wayfarers. These two work with brown or black and can work on the beach or out to dinner. Pack smart! I also like to keep a hat in my bag, usually a Ralph Lauren hat in either navy or pink (since these two colors go with most of my swimsuits) to keep my face shaded and keep my hair from drying out in the sun. 

Of course, what better to do on the beach than read and people-watch? I used to be the type to put in my headphones and just lay there, but that's no fun and nobody wants to disturb you. With a book you can hear the ocean, chime in on conversations, and cute guys may feel like they can approach you to play a pick-up volleyball game :) Book-wise, there are a few books that I've already posted that I plan to read this summer. Naturally, the list keeps growing and I've now got three books from Amazon on their way! They're all about the British Royals- mostly William, Harry, and Catherine-, which I think will be fascinating to read! First on the docket? Kate. She is so inspiring and I think this will be the perfect beach read.

Now that my beach bag is all packed and I'm imagining laying out, listening to the ocean, I want these next 48 hours to pass quickly!