19 June 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: College Dorm Edition

Moving to college is quickly approaching and I'm sure that you've got your list that's just as long as mine when it comes to shopping for school. The next few wishlists are going to be about college and preparing... they'll act as ideas for you as well as a running tab of what I still need to buy.

No shame in publicly displaying my shopping list.

1. Mini-fridge
2. Router
3. Extension Cords/ Outlet Multipliers
4. Sheets- preferably monogrammed
5. Bath Towels- monogram please!
6. Mattress Pad
7. Wall Art

This is basically everything I need for my room - excluding my desk and shower caddy - anything obvious that seems missing is probably covered by my room mate. She's in charge of a microwave, futon, decor, and other things like that. 

It's so exciting and expensive to get ready for college and I really can't wait to see how it all turns out! I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer thus far.

Enjoy these next few months!